Chapter Thirty Five

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Kay's "Do not" List

Do not :

-Go with your friend to her hair stylist wearing your black sweat pants, baggy shirt, messy ballerina bun and your glasses...

-Sleep more than four hours a night.

-Mistake what's on the bed beside your friend's cat as almonds... Really, don't!

-Fool yourself into thinking that that soil water you drank during three days will not make you sick because you're a "tough girl".

-Watch this video :

-Talk about Fight Club.

-Consider as an option breaking your father's guitar on his head, because he's just going to come back with one louder.

-Laugh in your teacher's face when he informs you that you final English writing exam will be a 400 words essay... because he's serious.

-Waste time making stupid list when you should be writing!

Mouhahahaha.. Sorry I didn't have a lot of pages and I wanted to take up more space cause a one page post breaks my heart ;P

Alright so new chapter, and just BTW I'd like to mention that technically I wrote it on the same day as the two other ones.. I mean sorta.. Oh well... ;P

So I hope you like it, and if anyone is interrested in golden blond natural hair, message me! LOL!!!!! Sorry I'm not coherent anymore.. I blame it on you guys!!

Read, enjoy, vote and comment!!!! :D

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"Hey mom" Blake said sheepishly and then set me on my feet carefully.

Oh crap.

Blake's mom... did I want to meet Blake's mom just yet?

Blake went to stop the record player and I turned around to face Blake's mother, and then my eyes bulge.

Oh god...

She looked between me and Blake with her blue eyes, her blond hair swinging with the movement, for a few seconds that felt like an eternity, frowning, but then something seemed to click in her head.

And something had clicked in mine too...

"Hi. I don't think we've had the chance to meet, I'm-" she started to say, smiling but I cut her, not really wanting to but I was just in freaking trance or something "Sophia Everingham" I whispered.

Blake's mom, Blake's freaking mom was SOPHIA EVERINGHAM!!! His mom was a writing beast! She was a legend! I was in adoration with her books and she was BLAKE'S MOM!!

Breathe Lexi, BREATHE.

Oh my god, I'm so going to have a crazy ecstatic fan moment right now!

And how the hell hadn't I known that? WHY? I mean please that's something people would have talked about at school right? People in the town too right?

Because this was her!! I'd seen her picture on the back cover!

This was Sophia freaking Everingham!!

"Well, Sophia Eaton, I only use my maiden name as my pen name now" she answered smiling a little, and I don't know why but I could see Blake in her features then.

"Please mom! Pen name! Tsk" Blake said behind me and I turned and saw him roll his eyes at her.

"Don't hate the pen name Blake! You think you were better when you signed your paintings Blake Black!" she told him, smirking a little and right there, that was Blake alright!

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