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Crystal: Guess what?

Elsa: What?

Crystal: There will be a marriage in a few days~ Or maybe next week?! So many details to plan out!

Hiro: A marriage?

Zen: Yup! Where we finally unite two beloved souls.

Jack: *snorts* Is it redhead and a monster? They are definitely meant to be.

Merida: Say one more word and I'll shoot!

Lia: Nope! It's actually a dare from Nerds13!

Hic: I dare Jack to marry... Barney.

Jack: WHAT?!?

Crystal: There'll be a wedding and a party... We might even have guests!

Hiro: Who's on the guest list?

Crystal: Take a look!


Hiro: No one?

Crystal: Yup! I don't even know who to invite yet! Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Jack: Wait! This is not-

Crystal: Sorry for the short chapter, leave a suggestion for the marriage in the comments! Ask and dare away!

Jack: Wait-

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