Pranks,Fan girls and fun!

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Zen: *comes in* ergh...

Jackson: Zen! Where have you been?

Zen: urgh...not now Jackson.*goes in her room and locks it*.

Jackson: did I do something wrong?

Lia: nope,she's just having her monthly thing that happens to girls,dysmenorrhea to be exact. She says she can handle it.

Athena: alright then,DATS any dares?

DATS: I'll send them now.*sends brain messages to the ones who have dares* done.


Anna: hate it! Chika won't even give me the cupcake she's holding out,I mean why hold it out when your not even gonna take it?!

*15 minutes later of Anna still making sense about Chika and cupcakes*

Hic: Anna's right!

Anna: I am?

Mer: she is?

Hic: yeah! Cause if Chika won't give her bikini to me then its not fair!

Everyone: uh...(•ิ_•ิ)

*after playing fnaf*

Punzie: I'm scarred again!

Elsa: *sees Jack* hey Jack!

Jack: yeah?

Elsa: I'm in love with Pitch.

Jack: ...what do you see in him?

Elsa: nothing but a dude in a dress.

Abby: so true!

Kate: three dares down,five more to go.

Amoy: frost! Fan girls room,now!

Jack: pfft,fine!*goes in fan girl room and instantly* Fudging fan girls let go!!!

Jada: next dare is for us girls to prank the boys...(^▽^) hardcore.

Summer: let's ask Zen if she wants to join.

Lia: *knocks Zen's door* hey Zen,do you wanna prank the boys with us?

Zen: *opens door* nez,you can just do it t without me,I'm gonna be here....chilling.*hides her pain*.

Kate: okay?

Reg: you sure your okay?

Zen: *laughs nervously* ahahaha,of c-coarse I am,why do you say that?

Bloom: Zen,tell the truth.

Zen: I'm fine.*feels her stomach ache* okay see you guys later bye!*closes door and locks it* fudging puberty.

#swimming pool

Hiro: so,why did you bring us here?

Angel: reasonable reasons that shouldn't be bothered to be answered.

Kristoff: well alright.

Abby: so all you guys have to do is go in the pool and find a golden coin,then when you find it,make a wish and it'll come true.*leaves with the girls laughing*.

Jack: *smiles widely and jumps in the pool* I'm wishing me a donut!

*the guys scavenge every part of the pool and finally find the coin*

Hic: got it!*holds coin victoriously*.

Eugene: no way! I saw it first!

Jackson: excuse me,but who dove down and get it?

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