Mythical creatures

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Zen: so,since someone has guessed the riddle,its time to reveal it. And its March 30 is My Birthday,which is actually tomorrow in the Philippines.(´∀')

Lia: Yay!

Amoy: let's do my dare today!

Ciera: what's that?

Amoy: we prank old man frostbutt that Elsa got kidnapped,then ride Abominable snowmen,hunt down big foot,look for Santa then leave rotten eggs for the easter bunny.

Athena: let's do this!

#Jelsa's room

Elsa: Jack,let me go.

Jack: no,five more minutes.*cuddling Elsa*.

Elsa: you said that 4 times already for the last 20 minutes!

Jack: fine.*releases Elsa*.

Elsa: finally.*goes out and sees the girls* what are you doing?

Abby: we want you to scream while we kidnap you.

Elsa: dare?

Kate: yup.

Jack: *cuddling a pillow when hears a scream*.

Elsa: JACK!HELP!KIDNAP!HURRY!*secretly hides in a closet with the other girls*.

Jack: *runs out the room and searches for Elsa* Elsa?! Elsa?! How am I gonna tell her I ate her chocolates now?!

Elsa: he did what?!*comes out of hiding* Frost!

Jack: *tackles her in a cuddle* Elsa!

Elsa: uh..dang it I'm stuck. Let me go!

Jack: after what just happened...Never.

Elsa: -_-

#In the South pole

Kate: *riding abominable snowmen with the girls* Let's go find big foot!

Abby: to the woods!


Athena: wow,I can't believe abominable snowmen can go this far.

Ciera: hahaha,I know right?!

Zen: girls,look!*points to a wide opening burning*.

Lia: who's there?

?????: calm down girls,its just me.

Zen: Kayla!

Kayla: hi! I heard you girls were looking for big foot,and I happen to just run into some.

Ciera: great! Where are they?

Kayla: ...oh uh...their all...roasted.*gestures the burning big foots running around randomly*.

Amoy: that's cool! Now where's North?

North: you called?

Amoy: where's my kitten?

North: *groans* I told you,I can't give you live gifts.

Amoy: fine...bring me one tomorrow k?

North: alright.*flies off in his sleigh*.

Summer: *finishes placing rotten eggs everywhere* okay,I think Bunny will have a great time collecting these.


Hiro: Yeah! Go buddy!*cheering for Jackson who's chugging a glass of chocolate milk*.

Jackson: *finishes in one gulp* Yes!

Hiro: that's a whole new record!

Jackson: Whooo! Yeah! Hahaha!-

Zen: *clears throat* ahem...?

Jackson: oh,h-hi,Zen.*laughs awkwardly*.

Zen: that's okay.*slowly leans in*.

Jackson: uh...*feels something soft on his lips* huh?

Zen: *placed a tissue on Jackson's lips* you still had chocolate on your lips,silly.

Athena: aww...isn't that sweet.

Kate: literally.*spring on a glass of chocolate milk*.

#in the woods

Bunnymund: *finds the rotten eggs* now who would leave these rotting heck of eggs for me?!

Jack: *comes out* the girls did,peter cottontail.*teases*.

Bunnymund: why you little-!

Jack: Handsome devil?

Bunny: no mate,old snowman.*disappears in his whole*.

Jack: fudging kangaroo,oh well,Ask and Dare Away!

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