The Wedding (+explanation of my dissapearance)

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The church is silent as the grandpa walks down the aisle.

Lord Potato, Aleah, and Nadia are talking among themselves, while the rest of the guests sit quietly in their seats.

Zen and One Direction begin playing I Will Survive as Jack shuffled in his dress, whether it was to get into a more comfortable position or an attempt to shrug off the dress, we will never know.

Barney awaits him up in front, Hiccup with him, not looking to comfortable being the priest.

Only one word sent the church into chaos.

???: STOP

Everyone turns to face the red creature, who's eyes were bulging as he sent sharp glares in Jack's direction.


The immortal guardian heaved a sigh.

Jack: Please, take him.

The red creature ran to the purple dinosaur and embraced him.

???: Barney... *cries*

Awkwardly, Hiccup steps away from the two. The music stops, and the only sound is the creature's weeping.

He tugs Barney and hand in hand, they walk out of the church.

A strange ringing went through the air, TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK.

And it all went downhill.


Jack: *screams* BOMB! WHERE'S THE BOMB!

Elsa: *begins to freeze the room*

Anna: *paces around in circles*

Zen: *runs to the front of the room* NOBODY PANI–

Random Guy: PANIC

Everyone Else: *screams and begins to shove other out of their way to the exit*

Crystal: *takes the ticking clock from behind a post and turns it off*

Everyone Else: *turns to her with a glare*

Crystal: *puts hands up* I have a lot of–

Random Guy 2: GET HER!!!

Crystal: WAIT, WAIT, WAIT N– *gets tackled*


Crystal: Jeez you people get off me! *kicks someone off*


Random Guy 3: *tackles the camera*


We are now experiencing technical difficulties, this will take a few minutes.

Crystal: Is it on? Oh, thank god.

Hic and Punzie: *panting*

Zen: And we're back!

Crystal: As I was about to say before I was rudely interrupted, I have some explaining to do.

Jack: *snorts* You have a lot of explaining to do.

Crystal: School, obviously, is not a valid reason, so I won't bother pulling that card.

Jackson: Don't.

Crystal: Um... I've been having some... problems. But I'm okay now so nothing to worry about. Well, I've also gotten busy, which is another over used card but eh. To keep consistent updates, I'll be starting a mini series on this book.

Hic: And...?

Crystal: *sighs* And dares might not be going up for a while. So, feel free to ask questions and leave dares, I'll compile all of them into a really long chapter and have it out on January First maybe? Small note, I'll only be taking dares and questions from this chapter, so please if you commented somewhere else, comment again.

Camera: *makes a buzzing sound*

Punzie: And that's all for today! Sorry for the short chapter! ASK AND DARE AWAY

Camera: *falls apart*


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