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Zen: guys!

Athena: what?

Zen: Lia is in the hospital cause she has asthma.╯︿╰

Abby: *gasps* Really?

Zen: yeah,She's in our school's hospital now.

Summer: No!!! Not Lia!::>︿<::

Kate: what can we do to help?

Zen: this is why I made a chapter(secretly). Readers,I want you to comment get well soon Lia in her message board xxx_Lia_xxx . It would mean so much to her.

Punzie: let's all say it! Get well soon Lia!

Elsa: Get well soon Lia!

Mericcup: Get well soon Lia!

JaddAmoy: Get well soon Lia!

Kristanna: Get well soon Lia!

Jack: Get well soon Lia!

Reg: I hope you get well soon!

Kayla: we're always here for you.

Abby: keep going strong girl.

Athena: your a great friend Lia,please get well soon.

Others: Get well soon Lia!

Zen: guys if you have anything to say to her,just comment here cause maybe she doesn't have her phone,so advanced thank you for all of you who commented and I'll see you guys soon. Bye! Get well soon my bunny loving friend!

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