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Disney Tales (Genderbend Love Stories) by KatieBlessings
Disney Tales (Genderbend Love KatieBlessings
hello everyone! Katie here! now if you know these from Quotev its because i am transferring my work onto this site due to the technical errors going on with the notifica...
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Wonder (Big Five - Hogwarts) by Flaming-Darkness
Wonder (Big Five - Hogwarts)by Luna
"Destiny set, Five will unite, Together they bond, together they fight. One's loyal, one brave, one sworn to protect. One's fun, one dreams, the prophec...
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UNEXPECTED Jelsa✔ by IAmHastinas
UNEXPECTED Jelsa✔by Hasti
#1 IN ElsaandJack #1 IN Elsaxjack #1 IN Punzi #1 IN Thebigeight #1 IN Jelsaforever #1 IN Mericcup Yay me! ❄❄❄❄ BEING EDITED ❄❄❄❄ Elsa agrees to marry Jack so that his fa...
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True Love (Jelsa Fanfic)  by VanillaCow
True Love (Jelsa Fanfic) by VanillaCow
The story takes place months after Elsa has found her happiness. After reports of crystallized black ash are found sweeping through Arendelle, people believe it's ju...
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Merged Worlds  (Book 1) [Editing] by Flaming-Darkness
Merged Worlds (Book 1) [Editing]by Luna
The five heroes. They all have their story ending but what if their stories continue...together? They have their lives. Elsa is unhappy. Merida frustrated. Jack is bored...
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Watching The Big Seven: Seasons Awaken by TriforceDragons
Watching The Big Seven: Seasons Triforce Dragons
You already read the story, now read the reactions as The Big Seven and everyone else watch their future.
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Watching Their Movie (ROTBFTD + BH6)(On Hold) by DarkWolfy_08
Watching Their Movie (ROTBFTD + Shadow Ace
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Guardians and Angels by CourtneyCampbell687
Guardians and Angelsby Courtney Campbell
Rapunzel Corona has only ever known abuse, whether that be from her mother or her boyfriend. She hides her pain from everyone including her best friends. However, Jack F...
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The Captain and Her First Mate (HarryxUma) by 21royalty
The Captain and Her First Mate ( T...
Uma made it back to the Isle but what happens when Ben wants the next 4 to come to Auradon Will this big change...Change Uma and What about Harry is this going to be hap...
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Genderbend Disney Princesses One-shots by AndriannaG
Genderbend Disney Princesses AndriannaG
As the title says, this book contains one- shots with the genderbent version of our favorite princesses! More details inside!!
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The Evil Within... Sequel CAFM by 21royalty
The Evil Within... Sequel CAFMby T...
Uma has come to her Senior year in college. But something is different...Fraud that's it! Everyone believed that she did it but what did she do? Everyone turned on her w...
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My Best Mistake by QueenDisney
My Best Mistakeby QueenDisney
Elsa and Hiccup have been enemies since like forever. They both hated each other but deep inside they had feelings for each other. Hiccup is the popular bad boy of sch...
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Clash of Eras by ReyZel616
Clash of Erasby Reyna
Two years of peace in Arendelle soon comes to an end after the reigning of a new evil. Elsa and Jack Frost must team together with the new friends they make in order to...
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Spirit School by Flaming-Darkness
Spirit Schoolby Luna
So the Drama After getting shoved in a sack and through a portal, Jack Frost arrives in the best of the best school for heroes--Spirit School. Being the new guy, Jack m...
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Fairytale~~A Zodiac Story by StrangerStuffff
Fairytale~~A Zodiac Storyby StrangerStuffff
The twelve zodiacs have famous parents. Some are famous for flying in magic carpets, others are famous for stealing voices. The twelve zodiacs have been assigned to live...
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More Chaos (Book 3) by Flaming-Darkness
More Chaos (Book 3)by Luna
(Book 3) After a long journey of different, extraordinary worlds, the team return back in Arendelle. But in their present absence, evil was plotted. Jake has already ta...
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Snowflakes Fall and so Did I by CrazyAnimationChick
Snowflakes Fall and so Did Iby CrazyAnimationChick
Also on and When Elsa's parents leave for business over seas, they send Elsa and her sister to live with their aunt, uncle, and cousi...
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The Big Four and The Prophecy (Book 1) by poppybubblegum
The Big Four and The Prophecy ( poppybubblegum
Four extraordinary teenagers were chosen to defeat the Dark Lord, Pitch Black, whom after twenty years have returned once again. Join The Big Four through their magica...
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Battle Cry | Mericcup by FanFicReader26
Battle Cry | Mericcupby Lady Duck
It started out as a feeling, which then grew into a hope, which then turned into a quiet thought, which then turned into a quiet word but then our word grew loud...
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Marked by an Omega | A Hiccstrid fanfic (On Hold) by guccialien25
Marked by an Omega | A Hiccstrid J
Astrid will soon take over as Alpha Leader after her father steps down from his position, but before she will take over she has to form her own pack and find her mate. H...
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