Here You Go

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Crystal: I've been procrastinating too much, so here's the next chapter! I'm working on the wedding, I swear I'll get it out as soon as possible.

Zen: Jack! You have a visitor!

Jack: Who is it and why are they here at midnight.

???: Hello!

Lia and Hiro: Who are you? Hey! Stop it! Grrr...

???: I'm Kusum and I'm here to kiss Jack.

Elsa: *stands in front of Jack* No way. He kissed Barney, he ain't kissing some random stranger.

Crystal: Move aside Els. *flicks wrist and Hiccup and Merida tackle Elsa to the ground* Do whatever you smart with him. You have an hour.

Kusum: *squeals* THANK YOU *drags Jack away*

Punzie: Now that Jack is gone, can we move to the next dare?

Crystal: *shrugs* Sure.

Punzie: Nobody_707 dares everyone to stuff their face in giant chocolate marshmallow while saying: TROLOLOLOLOLOL.

Elsa and Anna: No objections. *run to the backyard*

Merida: How in the name of-

Hiccup: No way.

Lia and Zen: Yes way. *run outside*

Punzie and Crystal: *shrug and run after them*

Hiccup and Merida: *sign before walking outside*

Nobody_707: *yells* A LITTLE FAVOR FOR YOU GUYS

Elsa: *bites into the marshmallow* Da dare sad tu stuf bu dis is better.

Zen: This isn't little, but thanks!

Everyone: *takes a bite*

Jackson: *spits it out* Is this styrofoam?!?

Crystal: When did you get here?

Jackson: Now.

Lia: Is that my styrofoam ball?

Jackson: No?

Lia: *tackles Jackson* Give it to me you twerp!

Crystal: Moving on...

Merida: Nobody_707 also left a question for Crystal: How do you feel writing the book?

Crystal: I've procrastinated on this, one of the reasons was because I didn't want to face this question, but I think this book could be better.

(I'm going to dive into a deep conversation so skip it of you want to.)

Crystal: When Zen wrote this book, it has more of a spring to it, yah know? And well, I don't have the spring. I can't make this book how she made it. She trusted me enough to allow me to even access this account and I am and forever will grateful for that.

Writing this book is such an amazing opportunity. I only have 272 followers, compared to all those big authors out there, that's like 2 followers, or 1, or even 0.

I have no idea why Zen chose me to be the co-author. I was just this silent reader who one day commented on someone's book and it changed my life really.

Sounds dramatic to some of you, I know, but it's true. Why she chose me is forever a mystery. Probably because I commented first, I guess?

Anyways, I'll just end this here. Sorry for boring you guys.

Hiccup: Elsa?

Elsa: Ye? *is covered in chocolate*

Hiccup: It's time for you to pack.

Elsa: No way!

Punzie: This'll take a while.

• time skip •
because i can

Hiccup, Merida, and Punzie: WHY ARE YOU SO HEAVY


Lia: *trying to strangle Jackson*

Zen and Hiro: *talking casually*

Crystal: *reading a book*

Jack and Kusum: *running down the stairs*

Elsa: *sees Kusum and runs up to her and flings her out the window*


Zen, Lia, and Crystal: What did you do that for?!? *fly after Kusum*

Jack: *sighs* She's finally gone.

Merida: So will Elsa. Either she does from diabetes or she goes on a boat cruise courtesy of cute-boy-lover.

Jack: Woah, you have those words in your vocabulary.

Hiccup: She won't hesitate to shoot, you know that, right?

Jack: Yeah. *ducks* Doesn't mean it isn't- *flies up* -fun to- *twirls around* -tease her a bit.

Merida: *releases and arrow that scrapes Jack's leg*

Jack: OUCH

Merida: *huffs and walks away*

Zen, Lia, and Crystal: *fly back with Kusum* ASK AND DARE AWAY

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