Girls rule!

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Abby: Zen!

Zen: *comes into her room which is right next to hers* Yeah?

Abby: I got me a dare,but only you can know about it. Its for Punz to flirt with a stranger and Mer to be girly for 2 days.

Zen: wait,so if I'm the only one who's gonna know about this. How will Punzie and Mer do the dare?

Abby: have a point.*thinks*.

Zen: hmm...*thinks*.

AbbZen: *both get an idea then look at eachother*.

Abby: are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Zen: ●▽● ...what are we thinking about?

AbbZen: its fortune cookie time!

#at a chinese restaurant

Athena: why are we eating here?

Abby: *sweats* b-because...its chinese day?

Zen: *plays along* its,the day we...celebrate the guardian of meditation! Hahaha.*laughs nervously*.

Lia: which is you?

Zen: ...yeah?

Kate: let's eat then!

*after eating they get the fortune cookies and AbbZen turned Mer and Punzie's fortune into their dare*

Punzie: *reads in her mind* flirt with a stranger.

Mer: be girly for 2 days.

PunzMer: alright.


*door bell rings*

Punzie: I'll get it!*opens door to see the mailman* Hi!

Mailman: Hello miss,I have a package for...Edz-

Zen: *pops out* don't say my real name or I'll mail you to to outer space!*brings in a giant box inside*.

Punzie: *remembers her fortune* oh uhm...what a nice,car you have mr mailman.*tries to flirt*.

Mailman: *flattered* why thank you ms,its the latest model.*starts to blabber about cars*.

Punzie: *gets annoyed* Mkay,bye!*shuts the door*.

Mer: *painting her nails and has make up on* o I was like,no way,and she was like oh yes way and then I was like nuh uh girl you serious and she was all like totally uh huh girl!*talking to Elsa*.

Elsa: *on the the other line* uh...okay Mer,bye.*ends call* what just happened. O_o

Kate: what's in the box Zen?

Zen: heh,cause I was all drained out of my powers by transporting you guys here I had to get tue others mailed.

Reg: ●△●...your saying there are people in there?

*the giant box starts to move*

????: whoo! you go girl!

Nics: there's really people in there.

Zen: *opens box* I'm sure you girls remember Snowflake,Rose,Luna,Kelsey,Sofia,Clarrissa,Christy,Kris,Willow,Rise,Franchesca,ILoveIceCreamAndPie,Cheska and Carmen right?

(Hope I got everyone)

Athena: we do! Christy!

Christy: Athy!

Cheska: we're gonna pop out sometimes in random chapters.

Rise: gonna be so wicked!

Kelsey: girls rule!

Luna: you got that right girl.

Kris,Willow,Franchesca,Carmen,Sofia,Rose,ILoveIceCreamAndPie: Bye!

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