Guys in Gowns

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Jackzen: *playfully wrestling each other* ragh!

Lia: guys! Can you two not be like...that?! For a minute?!

Jackzen: nope!

DATS: *dings*.

Jackzen: DARE TIME!

1. I dare everybody to get tons of little kittens and keep them.

AthenAbby: KITTIES!*brings in 15 kittens*.

Kate: that's enough kittens for us.

Zen: *resisting the urge to chase the kittens* grr...

Jackson: You okay,Zen?

Zen: course I am...*turns into a puppy* ruff! Ruff!

*Kittens get scared and claw Jackson*

Jackson: No! Get off! Ow!

Summer: *puts a leach on Zen* that'll keep you calm. I think?

Zen: thanks,I don't know how I get these powers,but it startles me when I don't expect them.

Jackson: hello?! Kittens still clawing me here?!

Lia: we can't get near them without getting scratched.

Zen: I know who can help!

Abby: who?

Zen: *uses powers to transport them* guys,meet One Direction!

(Sorry if some of you don't know or like 1D,I got attached to them when I keep hearing their songs and their beautiful!)

Hiro: why them?

Zen: I don't know,I just needed Harry but my brain said 'bring them all!' So I did. Harry?

Harry Styles: yeah?

Zen: can you get the pussycats off of my boy...friend?

Harry: sure. Come here you pussies!*gets the kittens to stop clawing Jackson*.

Niall Horan: is there Nandos here?

Hiro: *eating a bowl of cereal when suddenly chokes* help! Help!

Athena: omg! He's chocking!

Louis Tomlinson: did somebody say help?*rips off his shirt revealing another blue shirt with the superman logo* superman is here!

Liam Payne: I'll save him!*sees a spoon* on second thought,Louis do something!

Louis Tomlinson: alright.*eats Hiro's cereal* cereal-y.

Hiro: *stops choking* I saved myself!

Elsa: such a big boy you are Hiro.

Punzie: that's the manliest thing you've accomplished so far.

Mer: I'm proud of you.

Zen: *transports 1D back to their concert* that went well.

2. I dare the Boys to wear gowns for a year!

Boys: NO! NO! NO! NO!

Kate: YES!

Athena: YES!

Abby: YES!

Summer: YES!

*The girls got the boys to wear gowns after a good soda can fight*

Zen: don't mess with Zen,the girl who hits peeps with Soda cans.

Hiro: I am Hiroella!(Cinderella).

Hans: I'm Hansriel!(Ariel).

Jack: I'm Jacksmine.(Jasmine).

Jackson: I'm Jacksonzel.(Rapunzel).

Hic: and I'm Hiccuphontas.(Pocahontas).

Punzie: yay! You go Jackson!

Jackson: whatever,next dare!

3. I dare everyone to go camping.



Everyone except Jackzen: this is soooo boring!

Zen: no it isn't, that's because you guys haven't embraced your inner animals yet.*turns into a tiger* now give me 100 push ups!*growls*.

Everyone except Zen: Ahhh-okay!*gets on the ground and does push ups*.

Zen: Athena,Abby,Summer,Kate,Lia your good. You girls can take a break.

Athena: I've only did 2 and a half.

Abby: I did 3!

Summer: I didn't do it!

Kate: so did I!

Lia: I was just laying on the ground.

Kate: hey girls come on,let's go to my house and have a T.S Partey! Since its my dare.

Zen: okay! Elsa,Punzie,Mer. Come on!

Els,Punz,Mer: Okay!

Jackson: how about us boys?!

Zen: just keep doing that till you reach 1000. Bye!

Boys: URGH...!!!

#Kate's Mansion

*the girls are all dancing around to T.S music*

Zen: this is fun!

Lia: dance it up! Whoop!

Abby: oh well,I guess its time to end this chapter?

Kate: yeah!

Athena: ask and dare away!

Summer: also comment what you think! Bye!

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