er...whatever I regret making this chapter. -_-'

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(Sorry for ze lame title..I really do. I regret making this in the first place. But.*sighs* I never back down from a dare...especially when the one who gave it to me is so persistent and wants it so badly. So,I present to you all,a fudging chapter.)

Zen: *sniffs* stupid cold.

Jackson: uh...Zen?

Zen: *groans* what is it now?! I already went through so much stress in school today! There couldn't be anything else to top it!

Athena: ...*whispers to Jackson* don't give the dare.

Zen: *holds her temple* no,no..its okay,I can handle it.

Abby: eh...its best for you to just rest right now.

Summer: we can do it tomorrow.

Lia: no! Let's finish it now!

Kate: but-

Zen: Lia is right. Give me the card.

Jack: *snatches the dare card from Jackson* let's not do this one!

Zen: Jack!

Jack: *hands it to Elsa*.

Elsa: *throws it to Punzie*.

Zen: *chasing the card around* guys,this isn't funny!

Punzie: *catches card and gives it to Mer*.

Mer: *runs and gives it to Hic*.

Hic: *grabs card and gets on Toothless*.

Zen: *grunts* come on!

Lia: *snatches card from Hic and gives it to Zen* there.

Zen: thanks.*yawns*.

Athena: why don't you sleep?!

Abby: we'll take care of the dare!

Summer: we won't burn it or anything!*laughs nervously*.

Lia: *shows dare card to Zen*.

Everyone except ZeLia: No!

Zen: *reads dare*...*falls asleep*.

Lia: Zen! Wake up and finish this chapter!

Zen: *groans* No...

Lia: I'll ignore you if you don't do it.

Hiro: why so mean?

Lia: Zen!

Zen: ugh...whatever.

I dare HiLia to break up.

Hiro: who in the right mind would dare that?!


Everyone else: *gasps*\(⊙o⊙)/

Zen: *Zoning out*.

Lia: *snaps fingers* do it!

Hiro: Lia,why?*in the verge of tears*.

Lia: I'm sorry,but I just don't feel the same way with you as I did before.

Hiro: *cries*'re gonna.. l-leave me?

Lia: ...yes.

Hiro: fine! I'm never gonna be happy ever again!*runs to his room and locks it*.

(Ugh...I hate this! I ship Hilia too much I can't even dare to see or even write them like this!ಥ_ಥ)

Rain: *pops out* NOOOOO!!!! NOT HILIA!!!

Jack: they were the most adorkable couple in this book!

Hic: WHY?!?!?!?!

Zen: *falls asleep*.

(When I was writing this it was already 9:08pm. I should have been in bed at 8:00 cause I still have class. Oh well,time for the annoying alarm remedy.-_- I hope you're happy,Lia. The dare is done! It was so painful for me to make it! But I survived.)

Ask and Da-Whatever. You guys get it. I'm too cranky when I wrote this,so bye.-_-

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