Where is the respect?

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Now,I bet you're wondering why the title is 'Where is the respect?'. Wanna know why? Well,here it is.

From my previous chapters I've revealed my love for 1D,and so I wanted to see if you guys can respect that by making the last chapter,guess I was wrong,cause I received LOTS of very hurtful,offending comments. Its not like me to talk back,cause what's the point when you know that's what they think.

But have you ever thought of what I think when you commented those? Well I'm not One Direction,but it hurts that you guys are hating on them cause I've grown to like them,not cause of their looks and passion for music,but when I watched videos of them,they were acting as though they were normal boys who want to have fun. The question here is WHY do you guys hate them? Because what? Fame has taken over them? Their just boys who make fangirls swoon over them? They have no talent! They don't deserve being famous!?

Well what if I said 'Taylor Swift isn't that great,she should die!'how would that make you guys feel,if I insulted your idols,wouldn't that hurt you? Don't take what I said seriously, I'm a Swifty also,I just want you guys to please understand what it feels.

I hope you guys don't hate me for this,I'm only doing what's right to stop any arguments starting,cause we all know "If we respect others,others will respect us back.".

I'm not gonna be publishing for awhile. Depression is hitting me hard again. I promise to publish soon,I just need a break from all of this. Bye.

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