Anna's perfect day

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A/N Hi readers! This chapter will be all about Anna's b-day.(I've watched Frozen Fever just this day which is March 14,2015 a Saturday here in the Philippines) I'm not gonna spoil it for you guys,okay.

This chapter will be a day after Anna's b-day which is in Arendelle,but I decided that we'll celebrate it again in a different way,so it won't be like in the short film.

Hope you enjoy, if you wanna hear the song they sang go to this link right here


Elsa: alright everyone places!

Abby: so excited!*giddily jumping*.

Kate: yay! Yay! YAY!

*Anna comes into the living room*

The others: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!*pops some party poppers*.ヽ(´▽`)ノ

Anna: °O° OH MY GOSH!!!

Punzie: *smiling widely* we know,we all planned thi-*gets cut off by Anna*.


Others: *staring at Anna weirdly* \(〇_o)/

Anna: what? Surely if you woke up and be surprised its your birthday which just finished yesterday meaning you got older again would shock you,wouldn't it?

Athena: Anna,we're just going to re celebrate your birthday since the others and I couldn't go.

Anna: didn't age?

Amoy: nope.

Anna: *sighs in relief* phew! And to think I was getting old.

Jack: you can't age remember, your immortal now,ring a bell?

Anna: oh...doesn't really ring a bell. But does blow a horn! Hit it Elsa!

Elsa: *blows the traditional Arendelle horn(which is real BTW in the film,whoops,said too much)*.

Jack: *gets blown away by the horn* woah!

Anna: hahaha! Hey guys,do we have any dares?

DATS: we do have some,first one is for Jack to kiss a pigs butt.

Everyone except Jack: *cracks up* Bwahahahaha!!!ヽ(>▽<)ノ

Jack: I regret nothing!*kisses a pigs butt making the pig freeze* whoops.

Lia: Bwahahaha! Who wants frozen pork chop?!

*everyone backs away*

Lia: nobody then.

DATS: there are dares for the Author,but she seems to be absent. So next dare is for ElsAnnaPunzel to not eat chocolate for a year.

Elsa: since its Anna's birthday, she can eat some. As for me and punzie,we'll have to suffer.

DATS: next is for everyone to play Minecraft.

*after a lot of arguing,killing each other,trying to convince Hic that pigs can't be colored pink since it already is,and stopping Jack from exploding more tnts*

Angel: Disney land away!

#Disney land

*everyone goes on rides and play some games*

Kristoff: so,enjoyed your birthday remake?

Anna: yup! Now that I'm with you.

*Kristanna kiss*.

I'll do the other dares in next chap,bye!

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