Partying in outer space

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Lia: GUYS!!!

Athena: Lia,what is it?

Lia: dare!-I mean dares!

Abby: what kind!*starts shaking Lia* tell us! Tell us!

Lia: *giddily shakes Abby* Mt Everest!shout peeps just fab poo faces!invite some peeps to watch!throw humongous chocolate,candy,snow partey!


#Mt Everest(the tippy top)


Amoy,Jada: *invites people over to the chocolate,candy and snow party * thank you,this way.

Ciera: hey guys,there's someone here named...Andrea.

Andrea: hello,I was invited here by-

Zen: ME!

Kayla: woah! Where'd you go and come from?

Zen: I went to a jungle and found,a dry banana hippy hat! Happy belated birthday Anna!

Anna: cool!*takes it and lights it on fire then throws it at Jack* Melt old man winter!

Jack: *running around* AAAHHHH!

Zen: *secretly trips Jack over* whoops,my bad.

Jack: *falls in a pile of chocolate* at least the fire's gone.

Zen: consider that as my prank for Jack,Andrea.

Andrea: okay,now for the big eight.

Hic: wait-did she just say big eig-*gets cut off by Zen turning His and the other big Eight's clothes into waffles* ooh,I like this dare.

Summer: Waffles!

Bloom: good choice.

Summer: now,to outer space!

*everyone gets transported away*

#in the highest point in space

Hiro: Ahhhh! Can't. Breath!*gasping for air*.

Lia: *smacks Hiro's back* no your not.

Hiro: really? How is this possible?!

SummerZenAmoy: because of us.

Reg: *pushes a button releasing a lot of maple syrup on earth* Mwahahaha!

Hic: *showers in the maple syrup* ah...

Mer: Hic,what are you doing?

Hic: just adding a topping to me.*starts eating his waffle clothes* mmm...

Kate,Abby,Athena: *claps for Hic* genius!

Anna: *just had too much maple syrup and is now going mad* Waffles!*sees Jack and tackles him down and eats his hoodie* Yum!

Jack: No! That's my waffles!*having a tug of war with Anna and his hoodie* gimme!

Elsa: *sighs* my two childish loved ones,are now fighting over a hoodie waffle.

Zen: that's normal in so many levels. For us in that case.

Reg: oh well,Ask and dare away!

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