Disco Party!

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Here's the first comic! And a chapter!

Kate: I dare us to go to a disco party wearing sparkly clothes!

Punzie,Anna: DRESS UP!

*Everyone wears sparkly clothes and go to a disco party*

Lia: come on guys! Do it!

Jack: we never do that.

Hic: never in a million years.

Zen: *comes in disco room* uh...?

Abby: glad you could join us!

Zen: actually,I just came here to grab my jacket,I'm heading out for some air. See you in a bit!*leaves disco room*.

Jackson: *follows her*.

Athena: wonder what he's up to?

Hans: hey Athena!

Athena: yeah what?*sees Hans taking his shirt off*.

Hans: love me!*dramatically pours wine on his bare chest*.

Jack: show off!

Emmetha: here's something you can love Hans!*pours a bucket of water on Hans*.

Reg: *adds some ice cubes on him* there.

Hans: so cold!


Hic: ergh! Whatever!*tries hard to break dance(key word try)*.

Mer: oh no.

Hic: *has himself into a knot* someone. Help!

Jack: *does a cart wheel* oh yeah!

Punzie: *throws toilet paper at Jack*.

Jack: what was that for?

Elsa: she said your too much of a show off,did I translate it right Punz?

Punzie: *nods*.

Jack: what's the TP for?

Punzie: *shrugs*.

Summer: Pandas!*dancing with baby pandas*.

Bloom: where did the pandas come from?

Summer: *looks at Amoy*.

Amoy: she wanted some,so here they are!*plays with a panda*.

Jada: such cuties!

To be continued

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