Lots of dares time!

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(Pic in the media is made by me,I got bored and wanted to do something...and that happened. Can't wait to see Pitch perfect 2! Enjoy this chapter!)

Zen: Hi readers! I'm not really feeling good right now.(puberty again. -_-) I hate puberty so much!

Lia: Zen,remember what you said,its just natural-

Zen: I regret what I said!*cries*.

Hiro: no,please no!

Abby: what's up Can soda?

Jackson: we all should better start running.

Athena: why?

Zen: *laughs while crying* hahaha..ha..it hurts..hahaha.

Hiro: the mood swings!

Jackson: I can't stand her mood swings!

Zen: *snaps out* guys,trap me in the rehab room!

Kate: woah what?

Summer: no,we can't do that!

Lia: girls,its natural. All she needs is a lot of chocolate and 1D songs.

Jackson: wait,where's Zen?

Hiro: oh no! She's on the loose!

Athena: what happens when she's loose?

Hiroson: Chaos everywhere!

-non stop door bell sound

Summer: uh...who's there?

Athena: *opens door* Christy! Reg! Kayla!

Christy: Hi Athy!

Abby: what brings you girls here?

Reg: we found the author.

Zen: *comes in dizzily* sorry! bake-I mean take me away guys!*falls on the fluffy rug*.

Lia: ...let me guess,she went on a chocolate rampage?

Kayla: yep,surprisingly the people didn't mind cause they recognized her as the president of the US.

Jackson: *carries Zen to her room* I'll remember to put a lock this time.

Hiro: phew!

Abby: *pokes Hiro* hey Hiro,I got something for ya.

Hiro: what is it?

Lia: we found your brother!

Hiro: you mean Tadashi?

Athena: Dashi where?!

Tadashi: right here.

AHiro: Hi Abby!

Abby,Lia: this is your brother!

Hiro,AHiro: *looks at each other* wanna eat gummy bears? Sure! I love gummy bears!*both eat gummy bears*.

LiAbby: SHARE!!!*tackles both Hiros and grabs their gummy bears* mwahahaha!*high fives each other*.

Lucas: guys! We got dares!

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