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Zen: hey guys.

Jackson: *gasps* ICEFLAKE!

Zen: *tackles Jackson in a hug* hey frostcicle! I missed ya!

Jack: and not me? Wow. -_-

Zen: of course I missed you. ALL of you! That goes for my readers, too.

Elsa: well, what's up?

Mer: yeah, you wouldn't just go over here to hug Jackson.

Zen: true.

Jackson: I am hurt.

Zen: no, you are Jackson. Stop forgetting your name frostbutt 2.0

Lia: gosh, Zen, it's been so long since you've came on here. I know what you do on your other account.

Zen: obviously work on my own books there, Lilibeth.

Lia: ...which revolves around your obsession with One Direction-

Zen: it's not an obsession! It's a... Lifestyle. XD

Lia: wow. -.-

Punzie: *comes running in* heyo! *sees Zen* oh my pancakes!

Hic: I'm hungry for pancakes now.

Zen: look, as much as I want to keep writing randomness which is basically the only thing I've been writing on here and the first a&d book, I have news on Crystal.

Jackson: okay, spill.

Zen: alright, so yesterday I was messaged by Crystal on my other account saying that due to school and stuff going on in her life, she won't be able to keep updating on here for me. I understand her situation so I was fine with her not being co-author anymore. But now the real problem is if I should find someone else to continue writing this book or just complete it since I'm not capable of writing so many books. Would you all be okay with me completing this book? I'm not leaving for good. I'll still be on this account sometimes if you all want to talk, or just message me on @fabflake_stylinson cause I'll mostly likely be on there. Again, I am so sorry for being a crappy author to you all, things have changed, but my love for every single one of you who have stuck with me from the very beginning till now will never change. Thank you so much guys. Please comment your thoughts, I really need to know what you all think of my decision.

Jackson: I'll miss you...

Zen: Jackson, even after months of not being here on this book, I always seem to think of you on random times. You're my first and last love. I hope to find someone like you in real life someday. Can't imagine being with someone who isn't you.

Jackson: ಥ_ಥ gosh you made me emo.


Lia: *looks at Hiro* tho I don't like you anymore, I won't ever forget the relationship we had. It was fun.

Hiro: *crying with Jackson* this is too much. (╥_╥)

Zen: okay well, that's all I have to say. Please comment you guys. I need your say in my decision, too. Bye for now fabflakes! I love you all to the moon and back! xx

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