Dating and pretending

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(Just look at the media to know the dares we'll do)

Elsa: so Jack,what do you want to do?

Jack: *being fed grapes by Merida and a foot massage by Hic* I don't know,but I'm having a good time.*snaps fingers* More grapes Red!

Mer: why you little?!

Jack: uh uh uh,me and Elsa are in charge. So if you don't do what we say,you have to answer to me.*smirks*.

Mer: ergh...fine!*shoves all the grapes in his mouth* answer me that!

Jack: *glares at Mer and swallows the grapes* Treason!

Hans: hey! my line!

Jack: Shut up Wesley!

Hans: Do not call me that for I will not hesitate to deal you with-

Kristoff: Treason!

Hans: -_-

Athena: oh Hamsy,your cute when you go all grumpy.

Abby: Hansthena!!!

Jack: enough with that! Today is Jelsa day,so its all about-

Hic: the bass! Bout the bass! No treble.

Mer: I think Dragon Trainer is back.*rolls eyes*.(get it? You know,Dragon Trainer and Meghan Trainor, the one who sang all about the bass? No? Okay.).

Elsa: Jack,the dare said romance. Why are you letting them do your every bidding when you should be making them plan or arrange a date for us!

Jack: meh,I prefer this.

Elsa: that's it,next dare!

Jack: *remembers his dare* Elsa,please I'm sorry,I was just kidding.

Elsa: no,if you won't take our love seriously then there's no reason for me to be here!*storms off*.

Jack: dang it!

Lia: great job Frost.*rolls eyes*.

Punzie: do I have to kiss this dumb butt for a dare?*whines*.

Hic: I'm gonna go find Elsa.*leaves*.

Athena: *whispers to Abby* they have no idea what their doing.

Abby: *nods* at least their doing the dares.

#Elsa's room

Hic: *comes in* Hey Els,are we still doing the dare?

Elsa: *smiles* let's do it,it'll teach Jack not to mess with me.

Zen: uh,hey guys! Are you still coming back to do your dare?

Hic: we're coming.

#living room

Elsa: *comes in and sees Jack and Punz 'kissing'* ugh...*grabs Hic by the collar and 'kisses him too*.

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