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Hi readers...Dis is Lia!Whahahahaha!!Btw,Hi Zen!I ship you with Javed btw. Lol.XD

Hey peeps! Anyone missed me?! No? Okay...well, I just came back cause, hell! I missed my fabflakes so frickin' much!!! How y'all doing?! Oh, don't pay attention to the texts above, that was Lia, thought she would update stuff on this book cause she hacked my account and said she'll be handling things from here but instead I log back in then see that ^ -_-. Oh Lia, I know you'll read this, give me one good reason you ship me with my bruh Javed?

Also! She tagged me in this taggy thing I don't care what its called, but I'll do it since I'm updating for the first time in months!

So uh...

Blue or Pink?

Hamburger or pizza?
=Hamburger! But just the ham, I don't really eat the bun, don't know why? I'm weird don't judge.

Samsung or apple?
=eh...probs apple? Is there no orange? Jk.XD

Piano or guitar?
= both! I can't really play guitar much but, yeah.

Rain or snow?
=definitely snow!

Dogs or cats?
=can it be both? I ship a dog and a cat actually.*wink,wink* Javed and his girl crush.*cough,cough* oops?*evil smirk* sowwy puppy! Hope you won't read this chapter!XD

Sporty or girly?

Football or basketball?
=football! I wanna kick a ball on someone's face and blame the ball cause like, who hit you? Not me, the ball!

Singing or acting?

well, that's it! Once again HIIII!!! I MISSED U GUYS SO FUDGING MUCH!!!! DX lots of love.xx~Zenpie

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