crazy future!

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Zen: hey guys! Dare time!

1. I dare Hiccup to be a servant for a whole day.

Hic: and the torture begins.-_-

Mer: oh Hic! Sharpen my arrows!

Punzie: buy me paint!

Elsa: give me chocolate!

Jack: gimme a massage!

Lia: go get some carrots!

Summer: wash my pandas!

Athena: get me burritos,and don't eat them!

Abby: find Hiro!

Hiro: I'm right here?

Abby: not you! From Athena's book.

Kate: hmm...I can always go to Taylor's concerts,so I'm good. Bye guys!*leaves to guest star in TW's concert*.

Hic: is that it? Zen,what's yours?

Zen: ...nothing.

Lia: what?! That is so unlike you!

Athena: *raises pan* who are you,and what have you done to Zen?!

Zen: guys chillax,its me...or is it me?*smirks*.

Hic: *comes back with all the stuff they wanted and gives it to them* here's your paint,chocolate,carrots and burritos girls.

Punz,Els,Lia,Athy: Thanks Haddock!

Abby: where's my Hiro?!

Hic: behind you.*starts sharpens Mer's arrows,gives Jack a massage and washes Summer's pandas* phew!

Abby: *turns around* Hiro!

Athy's Hiro/AHiro: hey Abby.*kisses Abby's cheek*.

Girls except Zen: *squeals* HABBY!

Lia: now,back to the question. Where is Zen?!

Zen: *shrugs* beats me.

Jackson: then who are you?

*Zen changes into Zenaira*

Everyone except Zenaira: YOU!!!

Zenaira: hello again!

Hiro: *holding back Lia* calm down,Lia!

Lia: where's my sister!

Everyone except Lia and Zenaira: Sister?

Lia: we treat each other like sisters,and act like sisters. Some people say we are related but we're not.

Everyone else: oh...

Lia: go on Zenaira.

Zenaira: like I said,I don't know. She just told me to be her for awhile,believe me its hard,but I got used to it after a week.

Jackson: wait,so how long were you her?

Zenaira: 2 weeks.

Jackson: does that mean you were the one I was with in our date?!

Zenaira: no,that was her.

Summer: why would she do that?

Lia: I'm guessing is for a good reazen.(reason).

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