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Zen: *sneaks in through the chimney* HO HO HO BROOOOS!!!!

Jackson: *wakes up* what the fudge?

Zen: *coughs from dust* blah! Bad idea!

Jackson: *stares at Zen* ...

Zen: *sees Jackson* uh...he he....oops?

Jackson: ...hi?


Zen: haha yas! I realized how long I haven't visited so here I am! (No not really I stalk this book and account so many times.XD)

Elsa: so, what are we gonna do?

Hic: there better not be a dare.

Jack: there better be a dare.

Mer: there has to be a dare.

Punzie: ...is there a dare?

Zen: guys chill. I'm not letting y'all do dares.

Hic: YAS!

Jack, Mer: FUDGE!

Punzie: PIZZA!

Lia: ...okay, so...

Zen: I came for my sexy boyfriend.

Jackson: *blushes* oh.

Zen: yep.*grabs Nutella* hello there, babe.

Jackson: -_-'...oh.

Hiro: poor Jackson.XD

Lia: there there, frostbutt junior. You can have beef jerky instead.

Jackson: *face palms*.

Zen: oh yeah! How are you all doing? Is Crystal being a good author? I'm sure she is. Tho the wedding chapter isn't published yet.(I seriously haven't even seen it yet. lol) but I'm sure she's taking time to make it PERFECT.

Jackson: you can leave now.

Zen: excuse meh?! It's my book!

Jackson: well you aren't writing it anymore.

Elsa: Jackson! Manners!

Zen: *sighs* don't be sassy with me Jackson.

Jackson: ...leave.

Zen: fine!*pecks Jackson on the lips* okay now I'm leaving!

Jackson: *blushes* fudge wait! No never mind!

Zen: *slams door behind her*.

Lia: great going, you beef JERKy son.

Jackson: ...she'll be back...

Zen: *bursts through the ceiling* YAH I AM!*tackles Jackson in a hug* I love you my frosty baby!

Jackson: *hugs back* I missed you so much.

Mer: *smiles* let's leave them alone.

Elsa: come on, HiLia.

HiLia: we're not together!

Punzie: hush!*grabs the two and leaves*.

Jack: oh well, ask and dare away!

Hic: bye!

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