The race of the couples!

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1. I dare Jackzen to lead a group of their own gender of others and have a race to see who can get to the center of the earth first!

Jackzen: *smirks* LET'S DO IT!

Jack: how are we gonna do that?

Zen: well,it said center right?

Jackson: and the center is all the way through the earth's crust.

Hic: we can't survive there!

Jackzen: pssh,what can go wrong?

#with the boys

Boys: Dang it!*is being blocked by a giant bolder*.

Hiro: how are we supposed to get there now?

Jackson: *grabs a shovel and sings* they see us diggin'.

Boys except Jackson: *smiles,grabs shovel and digs with Jackson* they hatin'.

Boys: *singing and digging* Gonna see us diggin' dirty!

#with girls

Zen: are we gonna get these giant dinosaur bones out?

Lia: let's bring it to life!

Summer: and make it attack the boys!

Athena: perfect!

Zen: *brings dinosaur to life* woah...

Abby: hey Rex!

Kate: Hey Abby,I don't think it likes us.

Abby: why do you say that?

Punzie: *shouts* cause its trying to eat us!

Girls: RUN!!!*running away from the T-Rex*.


Hiro: hey guys,is it just me or is the ground shaking?

Jackson: ...its not just you.

Girls: *runs by* T-REX ON THE LOOSE!!!

Boys: *sees T-Rex and runs with the girls* AAAHHHHHH! WAIT FOR US!

-after a lot of running they end up in a deserted island.

Zen:'d we end up here?

Jackson: we must've took a wrong turn.

Lia: guys,there's something in the bush!

Everyone: *sees something pounce at them* AHHHH! PLEASE DON'T EAT US!

Kayla: guys,relax. Its just me!

Kate: Kayla?

Athena: how'd you get here?

Abby: when did you get here?

Summer: how long were you here?

Kayla: uhm let's see...I got here by jetpack,arrived here on a Monday,probably a week or so?

Zen: what was the reason you went here anyway?

Kayla: I was being chased by giant rubber ducky in the water,so I ended up here.

Abby: was it as big as a whale?

Kayla: yeah,just like Moby Dick.

Zen: you mean,Moby Duck.XD

Kayla: exactly!XD

Jack: so how are we gonna go back?

Hic: we can't use the tunnel,we might bump into the T-rex again.

Hiro: we'll be stuck here forever!

Athena: No food!

Summer: surrounded by water!

Kate: NO WIFI!!!

Zen: *sighs and transports them back to the mansion* we're saved.

Lia: we forgot you could do that.

Jackson: do we have dares?

Lucas: its for Jack only.

2. I dare Jack to be emotional and leave because everybody hates him and he will only be allowed to return if the others will miss him. No buts! Or else Barney will be with you foreva!

Jack: *reads dare card* sometimes I wonder why some people watch my movie but hate me.*goes into emotional mode* WHY MUST YOU ALL HATE ME?!

Others: *staring at Jack weirdly* uh...

Jack: I'm leaving!*storms off*.

Zen: what got him acting like that?

-3 hours later

Jack: *comes back* I don't believe you people! After everything we've been through,you guys won't even miss me if I left?

Lia: dude,we have 3 reasons why.

Kate: 1,you read your dare out loud.

Kayla: 2,you were only gone for 3 hours.

Zen: and 3,how can we miss you when your just hiding in the closet?

Jack: ...fair point.

Jackson: let's end the chapter here.

Zen: yeah sure.

Girls: Don't ask and dare away!

Zen: I still have to do a lot more. There's so many! Which I am very thankful of. See ya!

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