Jurassarcastic News!XD

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I dare TB5 to create a movie with my super six at my mansion,and to prank my brother Jack.

(The dares are mixed up alright? Just a reminder. ^~^ )

#Elsa_Loves_Snow mansion

Zen: hey hey hey! We're here!

Aira: *holds up a video cam* let's start filming!

Crystal: ooh! Yes!

ZElsa: *looking at Crystal's Elsa* you look fab.

CElsa: why thank you,as well to you too.

Athena: guys?

ZPunzie: if I say I love,you say pie! I love-!

CPunzie: Pie!

ZHic: I love pie too!

CHic: (Chic.XD) so do I!

Z,CPunzie: -.-'

-first scene

Summer: *dressed as a news reporter*.

Crystal: ready?

Summer: yup!

Aira: alright,we role in 3,2,1,Action!

Summer: today's news for today is today will be a day of the day we prank frostbutt!..today!

Abby: Zen,did you write that in her script?

Zen: ze director is crazy, leave her be.

Abby: alright.

Jackson: here's your latte,Zen.

Zen: *drinks latte* mm...oh yeah,proceed clip!

Summer: let's go to Kate in the prank scene.

Kate: *in the park* gotcha Summer,I'm here standing at the place where the legendary Frostbuttocus will get pranked by the sassysoaris.

CJack: *sits next to Jack* hi, Jack!XD

ZJack: well hello handsome.

Kate: oh my,something outrageous is happening! It seems that the rare Frostbuttocus has fallen in love with another Frostbuttocus!

ZElsa: *comes in and sees both Jacks complementing each other* ew!

Kate: and now,the sassysoaris has spotten them and shows a disgusted look at the sight.

CHic: *trips on a creampuff* ow!

Z,CMer: *laughs and high fives each other*.

Kate: youch! It looks like a clumsy Turdidactle has stepped into the turf of the two Redheaditops,and has amused them with the sight of pain by the Turdidactle.

Z,CAnna: *secretly eating creampuffs*.

Kate: ah,and there we see the natural feeding time of the Annacondas.

ZHic: *tries to snatch a creampuff*.

Z,CAnna: *hisses at ZHic*.

Kate: uh oh,that Turdidactle has no idea what he's getting himself into.

Z,CPunzie: *throws pies at Z,Hic*.

ZHic: *licks pie of his face* mm...*wipes off pie of his face getting some on CJack*.

CJack: *grunts*.

Kate: wow,the Turdidactle finds the pie quite delicious and starts to beg for the two Rapunzeraptors to make more,while the other Frostbuttocus is annoyed. Such a great wild life we live in,back to you Summer.

Summer: *smiles and just nods*...

Athena: are you sure that's a movie,Zen?

Abby: seems more like a TV show. Don't you think?

Zen: hmm...yeah,but who cares! They'll love it anyway!

AthenAbby: *grabs pop corn* we'll watch it!

Summer: *nods*...thank you,Kate. That's all the news for today folks,please stay tuned for the sequel in...Jurasarcastic News. Bye!

Aira: cut!

Crystal: that was great!

Jackson: to the internet!

Zen: hope you enjoyed this chap guys! Bye!

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