Welp, hey peeps!

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Zen: like I said, I would make a chapter if I got 13+ reads and 5+ votes. And I actually did, since yesterday though...lol, I love you guys.

Jackson: and like you promised, you'll come back.

Zen: no, I didn't say that. I'm just here to, well, say hi and entertain my readers.

Jackson: *puts arm around Zen's waist* let's go back to the mansion.

Zen: *smiles and leans head on Jackson's shoulder* yeah, Its been so long, has anything changed?

Jackson: *laughs nervously* y-yeah, you could say that.

Zen: ...I don't wanna know.


Jackson: w-well...here we are!*gestures to the little hut* we went broke without you..

Zen: what?! But Lia-

Jackson: she ditched us.

Zen: oh my god, I never knew.*hugs Jackson* I'm having a talk with my rascal of a sister later.


Jackson: I'm home guys!

Elsa: Jackson, honey-where have you been mister?!

Jack: me and your mother have been looking all over for you! Don't you know we can't risk loosing another family member?!

Jackson: mom, dad! Chillax! Aunt and uncle Kristanna, Eugenzel and Mericcup are in the other huts behind ours along with my cousins!

Jack: oh yeah...where did you go then?

Jackson: *smiles* I brought back my iceflake.

Zen: *comes in* Woah, should've just left you guys money with DATS.

Jelsa: ZEN!

#other huts

Hic: *lazily slouches on a pile of leaves* did I just hear Jack and Elsa scream Chicken?

Mer: *bites apple*shrugs*.

Punzie: hmm, I think Jackson's back.

Eugene: I guess so.

Anna: *sleeping* do you...wanna...build...a fire truck...

Kristoff: *reading a book*.

Jelsa: *bursts in everyone's huts dragging Zen with them* Author is Back!

Zen: ahem, correction, its front.XD

Everyone else: ZEEEEN!!!

Zen: suuuuup!

Punzie: we missed you so much!

Mer: we were going mad without you!

Hic: I'm fudging starving!

Eugene: excuse him, he literally went through the trash and ate a rotten burrito.

Punzie: luckily I healed him. For the 7th time today.-_-'

Hic: I'm always hungry ya know!

Zen: well, now that I'm here. Let me fix everything.*snaps fingers*.

(Everything goes back to normal)

Eugene: yes! Finally clean and attractive again!

Zen: whatever. Where are the co authors btw?

Jack: they ditched us too with Lia.

Zen: *facepalms*.

Lia: hey we're back! Just noticed everything's back to normal.

Summer: oh my gosh, Zen?!

Athena: you're alive?!

Kate: but-but...

Abby: Lia told us you were dead!

Zen: the fudge?! Forcing me to watch anime and teasing me with Javed is enough, but telling them I was dead, weally?

Lia: nez, leave me be.

Zen: *sighs* oh Lilibeth.

Hiro: *runs in* Zen you're alive?!

Zen: even him?

Lia: *shrugs*.

Zen: hey, now that I'm back, let's start over. Sorry guys but I forgot your dares and deleted my screenshots. Hope you understand.

Jackson: so just ask or dare us here again!

Zen: I made my decision though. I'll stay with this book until the 100th chapter, then its finally completed. But don't worry about that now, there's still a long way to go. As always-

Everyone: ASK AND DARE AWAY!!!

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