Games of the day!

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1. I dare Jackson and Zen to play just dance 2015 and see who's the winner.

Jackzen: *slyly stare at each other* Challenge accepted!

Lia: alright,what song do you guys wanna dance to?

Zen: should be something hard.

Jackson: and fast.

Abby: like bang bang?

Zen: nah...I've danced that before.

Kate: Die young?

Jackson: danced that.

Athena: Let it go?

Jackzen: danced that.

Hic: Macaroni!

Zen: hmm...sounds something easy.

Jackson: and slow.

Jackzen: OKAY!

Summer: but they just said the total opposite of what they wanted awhile ago.

Hiro: you guys have to get used to that.


Zen: *following all the moves* hah! Beat that Jackson!

Jackson: *secretly trips Zen*.

Zen: hey!-oh gosh I'm loosing points!

Jackson: hahahahaha!-woah!*gets tackled by Zen*.

*Jackzen start to fight*

Hic: oh well,more for me!*dances Macarena* eh Macaroni!

Mer: oh Hic.*face palms*.

Kate: while their-*gestures Jackzen*...doing that? Let's move on to the dares.

2. I dare Jack and Elsa to do the poky game,also Hic with Merida and Punzie gets whoever is in the room.

Jelsa: *starts to do it and ends up making out*.

Athena: those two are really into it.

Mericcup: *about to kiss but Merida pulls away*.

Hic: oh come on!

Mer: no Hic.

Punzie: hmm...who should I do it with?.......I know!*grabs the Poky* I'll do it with Poky!*ends up eating all the Poky*.

Summer: that counts. I think?

Abby: next dare!

3. I dare the boys to go to Pitch's lair as the girls in the Swift Swagger chapter from book 1 and twerk but Jack has to sing we can't stop while twerking while the girls party like there's no tomorrow.

Jack: *calls Eugene and Kristoff* boys,we got a mission to do. And it requires our swagger.

Eug,Kris: we're on our way!

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