let's play!

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*Everyone is dancing in the disco room*

Lucas: hey Zen?

Zen: yeah?

Lucas: dares.

Zen: okay. Everyone! We got some dares!

1. I dare Everyone to play fnaf 2 in dark rooms.

-30 minutes later

Abby: Zen! Wind the music box!

Zen: nez...

Lia: you wasted the battery?!

Zen: uh huh.

Athena: we're so dead!

Zen: girls,chillax! I've played this so many times.

Kate: Chika is in the vents with Bonnie!

Summer: take cover!

Laptop: 6:00am,congratulations.

Girls except Zen: ⊙︿⊙......(ノ^o^)ノ WHOO!!!

Abby: (/^▽^)/ we did it!

Summer: ヽ(^。^)丿we survived!

Athena: (^▽^) girls rule!

Big four girls: (〜^∇^)〜 we're fabulous!

#with boys

Hic: Jackson! Wind the box!

Jackson: nah...

Hiro: you wasted the battery too?!

Jackson: yup.

Hans: not good! Not good!

Jackson: guys calm down,I've seen Zen play this lots of times.

Jack: The bikini chick and Blue Rabbit are in the vents!

Eugene: brace yourselves!


Jackson: nothing happened?

-5 seconds later

Guys: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

laptop: GAME OVER...

2. I dare everyone to be vise versa of their couples.

Elsa: I Jack Frost shall now have my fun... Snowball!*throws a snowball at Jack*.

Jack: oof!*smirks and makes a giant one on top of his head and chases Elsa* halt in the name of the queen!

Anna: so you mean to tell me you got engaged to someone you just met that day?

Kristoff: yeah,now pay attention.

Anna: haven't your parents ever warned you about strangers?

Kristoff: yes they did. But you can't stop me cause its TRUE LOVE! TRUE LOVE!

Eugene: *wearing a long blonde wig* When will my life begin!

Punzie: I know not who you are,nor how I got here. But let me just say...hi?

Eugene: I don't sound like that!

Punzie: *hits him with a frying pan* frying pans,who knew right!

Hic: *shoots an arrow almost hitting Mer* I am Hiccup,first born of the clan Berk. And I'll be shooting for ma own hand.

Mer: *smirks and chases Hic with Toothless* get 'em bud!

Hans: ...I'm Athena?

Athena: *face palms* and I'm Hams from the southern aisles.XD

Hiro: Bunnies!

Lia: I'm Zero Cansoda,from Sand-France-Socks-yo!

Jackson: I'm Zen and I love chocolate and puppies.

Zen: Jackson's the name,freezing my Butt's my game.

Jackson: -_-

3. I dare everyone to have a dance competition.

Zen: I'm sure Girls vs Boys is fair.

Jackson: absolutely fair.

Jackzen: *both stare at each other slyly* may the best team,Win.

Abby: are they going against each other?

Lia: *shrugs* their the mysterious couple here.

Zen: alright girls. In 3,2,1, Go!

*Girls start to dance ballet around the boys*

Jackson: so that's how your gonna play huh? Well then,come on guys!

*Boys start go break dance and trips the girls in the process*

Summer: hey!

Kate: that's cheating!

Hiro: there's no cheating in dancing.

Zen: *smirks with the girls* you heard him girls.

*the girls go to the boys and tap dance while stepping on their feet*

Jack: ow!

Hic: ow!

Eugene: ow!

Jackson: ow!

-25 minutes later.*after a lot of dancing they end up waltzing with their partners*.

Kate: *comes back with Summer and Abby* is the dancing over?

Abby: their waltzing?

Summer: I guess its a tie?

Zen: nice moves Jackson.

Jackson: not so bad yourself,Zen.

Lia: hey Jack! Do the last dare!

Jack: what?

4. I dare Jack to eat a stinky pie.

Jack: ew! No way-!*gets hit in the face with a rotten pie* Blah!

Athena: ha!

Jackson: bye readers!

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