Zoda Seazen!

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Zen: okay,before I start this chappy,I'd like to thank the peeps who gave me the awesome and inspiring sayings. Thank you my Fabflakes!

Lucas: okay,dare time!!!

Zen: Lucas,don't shout buddy.

Lucas: why not?!

Zen: cause its noisy.


Abby: Zen! Shut him up!

Zen: or should you say,shut him down.XD

Athena: there goes her punny side again.

Summer: the punny side is the great side!

Lucas: everybody wanna steal my girl! Everybody wanna take her heart away! Couple billion in the whole wide world! Grab another one cause she belongs to me!

Lia: no! Not the 1D songs! Please! Make it stop!

Hiro: its just a song.

Lia: I don't care! Its taking my innocence away!

Zen: *sighs* hey Lucas,knock knock.

Lucas: ...who's there?!

Zen: a can in yo face!*throws an empty soda can at Lucas*.

Lucas: *rubs head* hey! No fair!

Jackson(Jack): let's just to the dare.

I dare everyone to go to a JB concert and throw soda cans at him then shout 'THAT'Z FOR SELENA BEAVER!!!!' Then go back to the mansion and host a TSwift,Chocolate,Cake,Ice cream and soda party with everyone you know.

Zen: you guys go on ahead to the concert,I'll be here to wait for the other guests.

Kate: what? But you love throwing soda cans!...and Hiro!

Zen: no I don't!*throws Hiro at Jackson(Jack)* whoops.

Jackson: agh!

Hiro: ow!

Lia: hahaha! You threw Can soda!

Athena: come on Dashi,let's go start throwing cans at Dweeber!

Tadashi: ...okay?

Abby: Hiro!

Hiro: what?

Abby: not you Hiro! The other Hiro!

AHiro: yes!

Abby: let's follow Tadathy!

Elsa: come on Jack.


Punzie: *narrows eyes* you okay,Frostbutt?

Jack(Jackson): course I am aunt-I mean,Punzie! Hehe...

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