Finally Doing Dares

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Jack: Finally! We're rolling again.

Crystal: Oh? We're starting? Man, I was just about to finish that chapter too. *shuts book and looks up* Well hiya there! *waves* I'm that socially awkward girl that's the new co-author of this book!

Punzie: On to the dares! *points at a random wall*

Elsa: The first dare is from ZenpieInDiguise?

Zen: 'Twas I!

Lia: Indeed 'twas her!

Crystal: Barely half way through, I'm sure you can tell this is a terrible chapter.

Elsa: I dare the Big Five, Hiro, Jackson, Lia, Zen, and Crystal to do a vine swinging challenge! In the mansion!

Crystal: To the mansion! *turns around*

Hic: We're already in the mansion...

Crystal: To the vine swinging room! *turns around and walks into a wall* That wasn't there!

Hiro: This is the new co-author? More clumsy than random and crazy I must say.

Merida: Hiro, don't be rude to the lassie.

Crystal: Get off your cemented butts!

Merida: Okay, maybe you can be a little rude to 'er.


Crystal: First of all, I wanna say, I don't know how to vine swing. Second of all, I want to say, I very badly want to leave this room.

Jackson: I'd be running out of this room if I were you.

Lia: Then luckily you aren't her. *jumps and grabs a vine* Get off your lazy butts!

Zen: *jumps and grabs a vine* Woohoo!

Jack: *flies towards the door* This is not happening.

Elsa: I'm pretty sure they'll make you marry Barney if you don't do this. *jumps and grabs a vine before swinging off*

Jack: *turns around* Then this is happening!

Hiro: *jumps and grabs vine but slips* AHHHHHHHH

Jack: *crosses arms* I'm not getting him!

Jackson: *sighs* I'll get him. *flies to Hiro*

Everyone else: *grabs a vine and swings*

Punzie: Is that a chandelier?!

Lia: Chandelier? Ooh, where? *jumps and grabs the chandelier* I'M OKAY!

Elsa: Is that-

Olaf: Hi! I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!

Hic: How did he get in here?

Olaf: Oh, I walked through the ceiling.

Crystal: How did you- You know what? Forget it.

Jackson: Got him! *flies up carrying Hiro then drops him again* I DON'T GOT HIM! *flies after Hiro*

Crystal: To the next dare! *points to a random direction*


Hic: Lilybrowne12 dared Jen, Hilia, and the new co-author to go to a One Direction concert.

Crystal: Well then...

Zen: To the concert! *points to the exit doors*


Crystal: We're barely through concert and now I'm not sure if I want to continue this...

Hiro: I guess it's fine.

Jackson: Yeah.


Crystal: Finally! I'm not used to having so many people- Wait, where's-

Jackson: Zen?

Hiro: And Lia?

Crystal: Why don't you two go find them, I'll just end the chapter for all our very confused readers. I'm sure Zen and Lia just wandered off. Somewhere...

Hiro: Okay then?

Crystal: Anyways, that's was it for this chapter! Which is very bad in my opinion. Let me know what you guys think. Leave a question and a dare! Until next time, ask and dare away! And don't worry, I'm sure the boys will find Zen and Lia. Maybe. Well, bye! *waves awkwardly*

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