This is Lia Shakespeare

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Hi, Readers! This is Lia Shakespeare, aka xxx_Lia_xxx I 'hacked' into Zen's account.

Zen in the background: More like you borrowed my tablet..

Maybe..Zen is beside me..having mood swings.And also she's also acting weird.She laughed and she cried and she said that she can't publish a chapter because of her mood swings..she even said...

Zen: I don't get it! Why do they call it mood swings when you don't even swing?!...I don't fudging swing!

Lia: *facepalm*...

And readers,She said she blames puberty..

Zen:I don't swing!!I'm gonna swing from the mood swing! But I don't swing!...ahahahaha! hurts!

Oh well,this is Lia Shakespeare who spears!-

Zen in background: and Zayn Washingzen who washes...Zen?...bwahahaha! Urgh....hahaha!

Okay...? Well bye!~Lia

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