I'm finally front!...again!

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Zen: ...hi readers! I'm so sorreh for not being active! I feel so hirobleh!

Hiro: hey!

Lia: its horrible,but in a punny way.

Hiro: I don't care,it has my name.

Abby: shut up Hiro.

AHiro: why?

Abby: oh,not you my gummy bear(Its a cute pet name! I hope you angree Abby!). I meant Lia's Hiro.

Lia: yup,this-*points to her Hiro* is my adorkable nerd.

AHiro: okay.*kisses Abby's cheek* you're my gummy bear too.

Lia: ...hey Zen!

Zen: yes?

Lia: *fan girls* I met a cute boy in school!

Zen: *squeals* yaaaay!!!

Hiro: *pouts*.

Athena: awe,its okay Hiro. You always got Tadashi!XD

Tadashi: wha?! No! You're mine,Athena.

Kate: hahahaha! Poor Hiro.

Zen: is he cuter than Hiro?

Lia: mm...yeah!


Summer: young love is gonna bloom!

Rain: yeah!!!

Elsa: it feels like nearly all the people here are having teen stuff now.

Mer: yeah,I hope they won't forget about us...

Punzie: oh lanterns! What if they will?! We might be left alone here in the book forever!

Zen: woah,chillax. I won't EVER forget about you guys. And I'm pretty sure some of the authors and readers agree too.

Hic: don't ever leave us!

Jack: we'll die without you!

Jackson: especially me! Don't ever come back here with news that you have a crush on any other boy except me!

Zen: ...who says I haven't already?*smirks*.

Jackson: *widens eyes* no...no,no,no,no! You cannot have a liking on any boy except me!

Lia: dude! Calm down! She's just messing with you.

Zen: or am I?

Rain,Summer,Kate,Abby,Athena: you like someone?!

Zen: to answer that...

Jack: ...well?

Zen: yeah.

Everyone else: WHAT?! WHO?!

Zen: wait! As I was saying,yeah. I DON'T have any liking on anyone. Let me finish next time.

Lia: ...are you lying?

Zen: no,I'm standing.XD

Jackson: -_-

Lia: you're lucky no one is hitting on you.-_-

Zen: that is because,they are scared of me! Mwahahahahaha!XD

(Not really,its more like I am scared of them. People keep staring at me when I speak English in school. One of the reazens why I'm so quiet and lonely. I do try and talk to people but I don't like the attention. But it would be nice to have a couple of new friends.)

Hiro: let's just end it here.

Jackson: yeah,I'm sick of all this fudging crushing shiz.-_-

Zen: well...

Rain,Summer,Kate,Athena,Abby: Ask and

TB5: Dare Away!

I'm finally front again guys! Yay! Now go and read the next chap! I stayed up all night just to make it for you guys to make up for my absence. Bye!

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