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Zen: okay everyone,today we'll do two dares.

Lia: what are they?

Zen: first one is for all of us to go to the Philippines and take 20 pics in each landmark and landscape and Angel will be our tour guide.

Angel: come on!

*after doing that.(sorry if I didn't go to detail,but just look at the media and you'll see the big eight in Tue places they went)*

Punzie: that was sooo fun!

Athena: well,you guys were the only ones who took pics.

Abby: but that's okay. Cause you guys are going to bikini bottom while me and the others go to the land of Ooo.

Kate: let's go guys!

#bikini bottom

*the big eight are all dressed in scuba suits*


Elsa: Jack? What's wrong?!

Jack: its SpongeBob!*squeals*.

Mer: uh...okay?

Hic: *secretly takes off scuba suit revealing him only wearing a bikini*.

Punzie: Hiccup!

Anna: Aahhh!!! PDA! PDA!

Hic: wha?! How is this Public Display of Affection?!

Anna: I meant Public Display of Assault!

Hic: how does this threaten or hurt anyone?!

Anna: its giving me the creeps resulting me to shiver!

Hic: and that hurts you how?!

Anna: *shrugs*.

Hic: -_-

#Land of Ooo

Zen: *dancing with a dancing bug* shake it! Yeah,shake it!

Angel: I really like your base Marcy!

Marceline: thanks,here's one for you.*hands an Axe base* let's jam!

Angel: yeah!

Summer: *riding her trusty panda* are there any pandas around here?

Jake the dog: uh yeah?

Summer: thanks!*goes to where the pandas are and tells them to take over Ooo* Bears of Black and White,shall all come and unite!

Lia: oh Summer?

Summer: uh...look a bunny!

Lia: *smiles* where!

Jackson: *sighs* Ask and dare away!

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