Daring adventures

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(Before you read this chapter,I just wanna inform the people who have joined the book will not be joining other than @haha_yay,@AwkwardLife,@PandaPartyPower,@Pickles2177 and @xxx_Lia_xxx. I'm so sorry for the ones who can't join. Its just that its getting a bit confusing since there are a lot of characters. But you can still join if you give us a dare or question.)


Amoy: I have dares!

Lia: whoo! What are they?

Amoy: Its for all of us except the big 8 to redecorate Pitch's lair and be super heroes for an hour,bungee jump over a volcano after drinking anti-lava potion to not get burned,then try out the shark cage.

Abby: woah,woah,woah,those dares are really extreme!

Amoy: I know!(´∀') also for us girls to ride killer whales wrestle sharks,then for Summer to ride pandas,Zen to play with puppies,Lia to play with bunnies,me with kittens and for us to TP old man winter.

Abby: I love extreme!

Athena: let's do this!

#Pitch's lair

*Zen,Lia,Athy,Abby,Kate,Summer and Amoy are dressed in suits,have fake mustaches,and have caps on*

Kate: *makes a deep voice* uhm,Hello? This is the...uhm. Lair decorators.

Lia: we're here to clean your lair;

Pitch: uh,I didn't hire anyone to decorate my lair?

Zen: stop lying you jerk this isn't your lair you don't pay your taxes there for it isn't yours!...we'll be done by 10:00.

Pitch: uh...⊙△⊙

Lia: *punches Pitch out of the lair* now don't come back till we're done! Okay girls! Start decorating!

Abby: *hanging pink ribbons on the ceiling*.

Athena: *places a pink fluffy rug on the floor*.

Summer: *puts lots of cute panda posters on the walls*.

Lia: *placing lots of stuffed animals in every corner of the lair*.

Zen: *sticking girly stickers everywhere*.

Kate: *throws away Pitch's robes and exchanges them with pink nightgowns* that'll do it.

Amoy: let's get out of here!

Pitch: *comes in his lair and sees it decorated* spoiled brats! Should have never hired them.

#The City

*the girls are dressed in white tights with skirts,animal ear head bands.(Zen-Puppy,Lia-Bunny,Summer-Panda,Amoy-Kitten) AthenAbby have fire crowns and Kate has Taylor Swift's hipster glasses*

Zen: alright girls,state your Hero names. Puppy Love!

Lia: Bunny Heart!

Summer: Panda Princess!

Amoy: Kitty Cat!

Athena: Lady of Wisdom!

Abby: Queen of Swag!

Kate: Hipster Swifter!

Random stranger: Help! Someone's chasing me to steal my money!

Kate: the cry for help!

Abby: off we go!

*the girls grab the man who was being chased by policemen*

Athena: your safe now random citizen.

Random stranger: thank you girls,for helping me get away from the cops!

Amoy: what?

Random stranger: I stole the money from the bank,and if you can please put me down so I can get away-*gets cut off*.

Lia: we'll bring you somewhere safe!*smirks*.

Random stranger: really? Thanks a lot!

*girls bring him to prison and leave him there*

Summer: we did it girls! Now for more adventures!

*after bungee jumping over a volcano,being trapped in a shark cage and wrestling some sharks,and riding killer whales they go back to the mansion*


Elsa: where have you girls been?!

Kate: just went for a stroll.

Mer: which took like 13 hours?!

Zen: yeah.

Punzie: seems reasonable enough.

Summer: now.*rides pandas around the mansion* whee!!!

Lia: *playing with bunnies* hew wu gwo mwistew whiskews!(here you go Mr whiskers).

Zen: you guys are so adorable!*cuddling with puppies*.

Amoy: oh ma gawd their so kawaii!!!*watching kittens dance to wiggle wiggle*.

Abby: looks like their too busy, let's just get this over with.

*AthenAbbyKate TP Jack*

Jack: Fudge,get me out!

Amoy: nah...

Zen: I'll do the other dares in the next chapter,so stay tuned for more craziness! My..hmm...I'll just call you all my Fabflakes,bye!

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