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Big 5: *trying to pry Zen away from the fridge* Let. It. Go!

Zen: never!

Hic: but we're hungry!

Jack: just give us food!

Zen: no! Its your fault for handcuffing me to it,there for the fridge is mine!

Mer: *looks at the others* how come you guys aren't even starving?!

Athena: we order take out.

Punzie: what? And nobody bothered to tell us?!

Abby: we tried,but you guys seemed pretty busy.

Jack: *let's go of Zen* I'm going to McDonald's.

Zen: *bumps into the fridge* hah! You're finally mine! All mine!*takes out a chocolate bar and eats it* so...good.

Summer: how can it never run out of food? You're eating nearly everything! Shouldn't it be empty by bow?

Zen: that's the thing. I upgraded the fridge to magically poof up food in it,that way I don't have to go get groceries every time we run out,cause bow it'll never run out! Mwahahaha!

Kate: so that's why you love it.

Lucas: hey,we have a lot of dares ya know?

Kate: oh yeah! There's a whole bunch of em'!

Abby: wanna do them?

Zen: nez..I don't feel up to doing them now. Today,we'll all relax for now.

Athena: *sighs while getting massaged by Tadashi* great idea...

Lia: Zen,I gotta go! See ya later!*leaves*.

Summer: where is she going?

Zen: she's gonna go practice for our upcoming foundation in school.

Summer: oh,alright.

Hiro: wait! She forgot to kiss me goodbye!(╥_╥)

Abby: *smirks* kiss you goodbye? Like a couple would do?

Hiro: uh...

Zen: admit it,you and Lia are a thing again.

Hiro: er...yes.

Athena: Oh my glob!

Summer: HiLia! Their back!

Kate: *checks dare list* welp, we just did one of the dares.

Zen: cool.*takes out another chocolate bar*.

Elsa: ooh,can I have that?

Zen: aren't you gonna go on a date with Jack?

Elsa: I'd rather go on a date with a chocolate bar.

Jack: what?!

Elsa: *eats chocolate and sticks her tongue at Jack* mine.

Lucas: and we just answered a question.*checks list*.

Jackson: Zeeeeeeeeen...notice meh!

Hiro: she's still mad about you kissing her.

Jackson: oh come on! I was being romantic! Its not like she found someone new?!

Zen: *mumbles* maybe I did...

The girls: *does a spit take* WHAT?!

Jackson: who is he?!

Zen: *doesn't answer*.

Hiro: who is he?

Zen: oh,its the imaginary guy from Inside out.

(If you haven't watched it yet,sorry if I spoil something.)

Abby: what does he look like?

Zen: well,he wears grey skinny jeans,has a white shirt and a black jacket...and beautiful locks of hair.

Athena: like him for his hair,don't you?

Zen: Yes!('∀')

(If you can see the pic in the media,that's him.)

Summer: does he have a name?

Zen: I don't know,the movie didn't say his name...but I'm gonna call him Harry's Style.

Jackson: seriously?! Why did they have to use Harry Styles as the concept art for the imaginary boyfriend?!

Girls: ...alright...?

Zen: no hate please,I'm just being crazy. He looks exactly like Harry!(>﹏<)

Hiro: no wonder. -_-

Lucas: *awkwardly checks list* ignoring Jackson for a whole day-wait,week. Kinda completed?

Zen: *fan girling* Eeeehh!!! Bye Fabflakes!

Remember guys,no hate. I just finished watching Inside Out and I literally searched Google for the pics of the imaginary boyfriend. He's so cute!( Harry) never mind.

Anyways,how are you guys? Its been so long since I've talked to you guys. Comment stuff please,it gives me inspiration to make a chapter.

See ya soon!

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