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Jack: I'm gonna get a drink.*leaves*.

Abby: *waits till Jack's out* okay guys,I have a dare for Elsa to prank Jack.

Elsa: I'm out of ideas on pranks?

Zen: we got your back Els.

*after sorting out the plan*

Lia: got it?

Elsa: yeah.

Jack: *comes in* that was a refreshing drink.

Elsa: OHMYGOD!*pretends to be shocked and stares at her hands*.

Jack: Elsa!,what's wrong?

Elsa: I. Have. Hands!*shows him her hands*.

Jack: O_o...of course you do honey.

Elsa: I'm a honey?*licks her hand* I don't taste sweet?

Jack: why are you acting weird all of a sudden?

Elsa: isn't this how you act all the time?

The others: *hiding in a room and watches Jelsa from Cctv cams*.

Jack: Elsa,stop what your doing.

Elsa: *secretly inhaled helium and now has a high pitched voice* why?

Jack: Its getting annoying.

Elsa: why?

Jack: because it just is!

Elsa: ...why?

Jack: stop saying why!

Elsa: *pretends to be hurt and starts to sob*.

Jack: no,Elsa I didn't mean to,please stop crying.

Elsa: *changes her expression* why?

Jack: agh!

Elsa: *hiding a small box behind her*.

Jack: *sees box* what's that?

Elsa: mmm...nothing!

Jack: tell me!

Elsa: no!

Jack: I just wanna see!

Elsa: alright.*goes to Jack* ready?

Jack: *gets excited* yeah!

Elsa: *opens box to reveal* say hello to,mr crab!

Jack: *stares at the crab* really?

Elsa: wanna meet his other friends?

Jack: uh...okay?

Athena: *pushes a button*.

*a shark suddenly falls on Jack*

Jack: aahhh! Get it off me!

Elsa: that's Shanon! She likes you!

Jack: She's crushing me!

Elsa: oh...Stephano go help Jack!*throws a throphy at Jack*.

Jack: how's that gonna help?!

*Pewds comes out wearing his pink headphones,and pink Ballerina suit*

Pewds: Stephano!*grabs the trophy* oh,I see you've met mr crab and Shanon!

Zen: hey guys,someone is joining us,please welcome Kayla! She can turn into animals and can shoot fire.

Kayla: heylo peeps!

Pewds: *hops on an inflatable pig floaty* onward Swine! We must save Bessie the car and fabulous banana!

Jack: what is going on?!

Elsa: You just got pranked Frosty.

ZeLiAthena: Wait for us Pewds!*the three ride goats and follow Pewds*.

Kayla: that's normal,right?

Reg: crazier stuff will happen in more chapters.

Summer: so you could say its normal in craziness.

Kayla: I found my people!

Bloom: your crazy too?

Kayla: what's crazier than setting an idiot on fire?*sets Jack's butt on fire*.

Ciera: two idiots on fire!*does same with Hic*.

Nics: a farmer's market on fire!

Abby: let's go burn another!

Kate: why is it always about fire nowadays?

Zenaira: cause its the season of hotness!↖(^▽^)↗

Marzia: did anyone see poods?

Mer: right behind ya lass.

Marzia: Happy Wolf in a Forest get back here and help me find Maya and Edgar.

Pewds: Never!

Kristoff and Eugene: ow!*gets bitten by two pugs*.

Marzia: there you two are!*picks up the pugs*.

Anna: their so cute!

Zen: hey Pewds! Take it away!

Pewds: alright,stay fabulous bros!*gives you a brofist*.

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