Flaming sheep make over

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Zen: *giddily jumping up and down* Ahhhyeah!yay!yes!hahaha!

Kitty: what's up with her?

Lia: I don't know?

Abby: uh,Zen?

Zen: Yes!

Athena: what's up with you?

Zen: I won't tell,but you can guess!

Kate: you got a ticket to a 1D concert?

Zen: nope,I don't really like them. Only their songs and their hair...their beautiful, beautiful hair.⊙△⊙

Ciera: uh...Jackson's gonna take you on a date?

Zen: no,I'll only go on a date with him when its a dare.

Jackson: oh come on! Well,in that case. I dare you to go on a date with me.*says boldly*.

Zen: no can do,it has to be from the readers.

Jackson: your seriously crushing me.ಥ_ಥ

Zen: hahaha,you'll be fine. So has anyone guessed it yet?

Angel: you won the lottery?

Zen: er,no. But I wish I could.

Emmetha: you found a treasure chest?

Zen: no.

Brittany: what could it be?!


Zen: ...no.

Girls: then what?!

Zen: guess.*says simply* also Kitty,Jack?

Kitty: the dare!

Jack: what dare?

Kitty: *whispers dare in his ear* got it.

Jack: got it.

Hic: *comes in* hey guys!

Jackitty: RAGH!!!*lounges at Hic and ties him to a chair*.

Hic: ergh,what's going on?!

Jack: this is.*releases 999,999,999 pink sheep*.

Hic: what are you gonna do to them?ಠ_ಠ

Kitty: this.*burns all the sheep*.

Hic: NO!!! YOU MOSTERS!(ಥ_ಥ)

*burning pink sheep bumps into Hic getting him on fire*

Hic: Hot! Hot! Hot!

Lia: *still questioning Zen* you got a new puppy?

Zen: no.

Nics: burned a forest?

Zen: uh no,why would I do that?

Nics: ...burned a farmers market?

Zen: no.

Reg: tell us!

Zen: meh,not now. But keep guessing.

DATS: we have a dare for the girls to makeover the guys and vise versa.

*After everyone had their makeovers they all looked fabulous*

DATS: okay,this dare is for the big 8 and young 9 to ride big,fluffy,cute pandas and giant kittens.

#in the Kawaii room

Punzie: whee! Your so adorable Mr mittens!!!

Anna: their like baby eenie weenie unicorns without horns!!!

Elsa: best! Cuteness dare yet!

#living room

Summer: not fair! They can ride cute pandas and kittens while we can't! (ಥ_ಥ)

Kayla: ...please,tell us why your so happy?!!

Zen: ...okay.

Girls except Zen: REALLY?!!(´∀')

Zen: I'm happy because I'm happy of what I'm happy about.XD(try saying that five times)

Girls except Zen:  ಠ╭╮ಠ...ZEN!!!

Zen: before anything else happens,watch this!*turns on flat screen TV playing the cat dancing to wiggle wiggle*.

Girls except Zen: AWWWW!!!

Zen: (^▽^) ask and dare away guys. and also try and guess what I'm happy about. I'll only tell when one of you readers guesses it! Bye!

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