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Summer: I have a dare!

Athena: me too!

Amoy: me three!

Anime_lover_13_: So do I!

Zen: Brofist!*brofists Anime_lover_13_*

Punzie: *whispers to the gang* why are we suddenly obsessing over Pewdiepie?

Mer: *shrugs* must be a Fabulous thing?

Summer: alright,I dare everyone to explore the mansion and find a room where awesomeness happens.

Abby: let the awesomeness finding quest-!

Athena: Begin!

*6 minutes later*

Jack: are we there yet?

Elsa: no.


Zen: no.

Jack,Jackson: about now?

Zelsa: Yes!

Jack,Jackson: really?

Zelsa: No! Now shut up or we'll freeze you two till you get frostbite!

Jack,Jackson: *look at eachother* girls.* both start to snicker*.

Zelsa: like father like son.*both giggle*.

Abby: *whispers to Athena* I don't know how those couples get along so well.*gestures Jelsa and Jackzen*.

Athena: *whispers back* neither do I,but I just learned to just go with the flow.

Amoy: this mansion is so huge!

Jada: don't mind me asking but,is it just me or is every time we go further into the halls the mansion is somehow making more rooms?

Reg: what if...?*thinks* I want some ice cream.

*a door suddenly appears with an ice cream cone sign*

Kayla: no way!

Kate: Taylor Swift's closet!

*door with the letters TW written on it appears*

Kate: *opens door* Taylor?

Taylor: woah,Kate? What are you doing in my closet?

Kate: personal bizz.

Taylor: alright. Wanna join my concert as a guest?

Kate: it would be my honor! Bye guys see you in a bit!*leaves with Taylor*.

Ciera,Kitty,Kayla: I wanna burn stuff.*looks at eachother* no way me too!

Punzie: guys,I think we lost a lot of people along the way to the awesomeness room.*gestures Kristanna,Eugene,Kate,Ciera,Kitty,Kayla and Reg gone to the rooms they want*.

Bloom: what if we just,I don't know? Say what room we want?

Brittany: I agree.

Emmetha: cheese!*goes in a room with cheese*.

Summer: *in the panda room* Pandas!

Jackson: Awesomeness?

*door appears anf they go in*

Zen: AHHHHHHH!!! SO PRETTY!*plays with puppies*.

Jackson: uhm. Why are there multiple clones of my dad,jumping out a window?

Lia: Its awesome!

ZenAbbythena: LIA!

Lia: that's right,I'm back!

*after a lot of doing awesome stuff tyat they like*

Athena: alright,I dare frostbutt to act like Mer for 5 minutes.

Mer: not good.

Jack: *is wearing a Merida wig and costume with a matching bow and arrow* Hiccup! What in bloody hell-icopter are ya doin with ma bra?!

Hic: *blushes* I've never done anything with her bra.

Mer: I saw one of em in your laundry basket.

Hic: Its comfy! Can't help myself!

Jack: aye mate,the scrawny wee lad has a point!

Mer: don't tell me your wearing it.

Jack: nope,just ma wife's.

Elsa: Jack!

Anime_lover_13_: my dare is for everyone to watch after ever after Disney 1&2 by paint.

*after watching*

Zen: I'll build a hoard of giant snowman!

Lia: and they will reign all over earth!

Abby: we've changed the lyrics of the parody song.

Athena: there's nothing wrong except it made sense all along!

DATS: last dare is for the young 9 to prank their parents.

Snowflake: I'm gonna tag along!

Ellie: alright lil sis,let's go!


*the big eight are enjoying eachother's company*

Jackson: *has fake blood on himself* M-mom! Dad! Help!

Elsa: Jackson! What happened?!*runs to Jackson with teary eyes*.

Jackson: *breathes heavily* th-there's an evil man attacking us! He's out t-to get revenge.*pretends to die*.

Jack: Jackson,son?*says with voice cracking*.

Anna: the kids are in trouble!

*the big eight leave*

Zen: *flies down from a tree* nice acting Jackson.

Jackson: *stands and wipes off fake blood* I learned from the best,now let's go see the other's.

#living room

*the lights are out*

Punzie: Its so dark!

*lights turn on revealing the other young 10 with fake blood on them*

Big 8: NO!*bursts into tears*.

Henry: hatchoo!*sneezes then realizes the plan* I mean,urgh...I'm dead!

Merideth: great job genius.

Big 8: Your alive?

Annie: wasn't part of the plan in the end.

Merry: thanks to Henry.

Daisy and Rosie: Yeah.

Christopher: well the dare's done!

Jackzen: So Ask and Dare Away!

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