Do the dares!

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1. I dare everyone to watch the woman in black.

Zen: ...I don't know that?

Jackson: maybe its about a black woman?

Hiro: or a woman in black clothes?

Zen: ...let's not do it,sorry!

2. I dare Jack to leave the big four for a week.

Jack: mkay. Hey guys,I'm leaving!

Mer: have a nice trip!

Hic: when you walk out that door,don't stop walking.

Punzie: don't forget to forget to write!

Elsa: ...don't come back till the dare is done.

Jack: you guys are so mean.

Mer: no we aren't!

Punzie: we're being honest.

Elsa: cause you've been annoying us for 1 week!

Hic: now give us a break!

Jack: you know what,I'm not gonna.

Big 4: *groan* why...?!

3. I dare Anna to prank Kristoff and make him scream like a girl.

Anna: easy.*puts on a Freddy costume and sneaks behind Kristoff*.

Kristoff: has anyone seen Ann-AAAHHHHHH!!!*sees Anna in the costume and screams like a girl*.

4. I dare Zen to do 7 minutes in heaven with Jack Frost.

Zen: *makes puking sounds* ew!

Jack: never in a million years!...and more than that!

Abby: well someone has to do a dare in this chapter.

Zen: alright,fine. Come on grandpa!

Jack: don't you use that tone on me young lady! I am technically your father-in-law!

Zen: says who?

Jack: me when you and Jackson get married.

Zen: now where'd you get that idea?

Jack: *shrugs*.

Jackson: *sobs* I can't marry her!

Hiro: there,there Jackson. I'm sure someone will be with you forever.

Jackson: *cries harder*.

Kate,Summer,Lia: *laughs harder* hahaha!XD you made it worse!


Zen: 7 minutes up yet?!

Jack: its only been 45 seconds...why can't time go faster?!

-2 minutes later

Zen,Jack: *knocking their heads on the door* hurry up!*both break the door* aha!

Athena: *claps hands* way to use your heads you two!XD

5. (Bonus dares) I dare Jack to sing the Barney song and hug Barney,Jackson to kiss Zen,and Elsa to not eat chocolate.

Jack: *was forced to wear a purple dress* ugh...

Abby: now sing!

Jack: *groans* I love you,you love me. Something about people and uh...yeah? With a great big bug-

Kate: its hug!

Jack: I don't care! And a kick from me to you,na na na something dabadabadoo. Done!

Summer: great song.*rolls eyes*.

Jackson: Zen! Get down here!

Zen: *flying around the ceiling* no!

Jackson: its a dare!

Zen: you'll never get me alive! Or dead!

Elsa: ...still can't eat chocolate! Oh didn't say Nutella!*grabs a jar of Nutella and eats it*.

Punzie: she has a point.

Zen: *sends electric shocks at Jackson* dance you fool! Bwahaha!

Jackson: where'd you get those powers?!*dodging the electric shocks*.

Zen: I don't know really,1 minute I'm worrying about my tablet about to die and the next thing I know I can charge it!(true story,I think it's caused by me using my tablet when I charge it and I get electric shocks sometimes...but it doesn't hurt.)

Lia: *remembering how Zen charged her tablet* that was a really shocking day for me.XD

Zen: hahaha! You got that right-woah!*falls off balance and falls*.

Jackson: now's my chance!*catches Zen and kisses her*.

Zen: *shocks Jackson and pulls away* serves you right.

Jackson: what a woman!*goofily smiles and passes out*.

Jack: Ask and Dare away!

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