Can't believe its happening!

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Zen: *sniffs* alright,first of all. I'm not feeling well,so I won't be doing your dares. Yet,sorry.*is in her pajamas*.

Jackson: so me and the others will do them.

Zen: I'm gonna take a nap on the couch,wake me up when there's something wrong.*lays on the couch and grabs a blanket* so...cold.

Summer: *knocks on Hiro's door* hey Hiro,wanna join us?

Hiro: *doesn't reply and just sits on his bed*...

Summer: okay,bye...

Athena: he's been in there for a week! Lia,this has to stop. He's miserable without you.

Lia: no,I don't want to. Things are different now.

Abby: ugh...why?!

Tadashi: why are couples suddenly breaking apart? Please don't tell me we're next,Athena?!

Athena: no,of course not.

Kate: Tadathy is way beyond breaking up.

AHiro: and so is Habby.*kisses Abby's cheek*.

Abby: awe.*pinches AHiro's cheek* thanks gummy bear.(^_^)

Elsa: me and the gang can't break up,we're married.

Punzie: so it just leaves the possibility of...

Jackson:,don't think that!

Jack: son,its fine. We know its impossible for you and Zen to break up.

Mer: we support ya two.

Hic: I'm sure you two will be fine.

Jackson: *sighs* I hope so.

Zen: *coughs* fudge it.

Elsa: *goes to Zen and feels her forehead* ah!*takes her hand back* your burning up.

Jack: we gotta get you a doctor.

Zen: *groans* no,I'm fine.*says with a cracky voice*.

Abby: Zen,you aren't feeling fine.

Athena: we only want to help.

Zen: you can help by leaving me alone!

Lia: stop,this isn't gonna solve anything.

Zen: well what do you know?! Huh?! You fudging broke your ex boyfriend's heart!

Summer: we should,step back.*slowly steps back with the others*.

Lia: it was for a good cost! I didn't like him anymore,he's too protective!

Zen: what cost,huh? Cause finding someone who truly loved you is priceless! And he's only being protective cause he cares! He'd do anything for you! Didn't you ever think about that?

Lia: I haven't.*looks down*.

Hiro: *comes out of his room*.

Kate: *sees Hiro and whispers to Lia* go and make things right.

Lia: ...alright.*goes to Hiro*.

Hiro: *looks away from Lia* what do you want?

Lia: I want,to make things right. Look,I when I said those words to you and dared the break up,I wasn't thinking straight. And I'm sorry. Can we at least be friends?

Hiro: *takes a deep breath and let's it all out*...fine,but it still won't make me go back to my old self.

Lia: yeah,I know...

Tadashi: *smiles and puts an arm around Athena* making up is a good start.

Athena: yup.

Jackson: uh..Zen?

Zen: *looks up glaring* what is it?!

Jackson: a-are you,okay?

Zen: does it look like I'm okay?!

Punzie: Jackson,be careful.

Zen: for frosts sake! I don't even know if I'll ever be okay!*squints eyes* ergh!*changes into black clothes and has dark eye shadow*.

Jackson: ...

Zen: *smirks* you know what? I think we should have a little break too.

Aira: *pops out with Ani* what are you saying?

Ani: don't!

Jackson: please don't tell me...

Zen: Jackson. We're OVER.*disappears*.

Hic: oh no...

Elsa: Honey,its okay.

Jackson: *sobbing* it happened..everything is gone.

Punzie: don't say that,she's just not herself.

Jackson: but she said it!

Lia: I'm sure she didn't mean it.

Jackson: but why does it hurt?!

Everyone else: ...

Jackson: I knew it.*runs to his room*.

Hiro: it actually happened.

*sighs* sorry about that drama guys. I really am sick but I'm fine. I just felt like,doing this. Ugh...I regret it! But hey,anything is possible. I don't know if I'll bring Jackson and me back together.. One of the reasons why I put so much drama in my stories is that it reflects how much drama is happening in my life,so I can't help it. I try to be better than I can be,its complicated. I want you all to enjoy reading. So uh,think of this chapter as a twist! And maybe things will go back to normal after a few chapters.

Sorry for being a bad author. -_-' I blame myself for not being the author you all expect me to be.


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