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...Someone is Front!

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Big 5: *waiting anxiously at the door*...

Athena: *sighs* guys,please. You've been standing there for 3 hours.

Hic: can't talk. Busy waiting.*eating chips*.

Abby: waiting for who?

Jack: *drinks a soda* someone.

Summer: who is the SOMEONE?

Punz: *tosses chocolates in the air* someone who we know.

Elsa: *readies speakers* someone who we miss.

Mer: ...and that someone is gonna burst through the door right now!

???: ...*knocks* hello?

Kate: hold up...Zen?

Lia: *opens door* hi guys.

Jackson: *sighs* oh..hi Lia.

Lia: *rolls eyes while smiling* also,I brought Zen.

Zen: *bursts in...through the ceiling* whoops,he he. I'll get DATS to fix that later.*sees all eyes on her* uh...anybody miss me?

Others except Lia: *tackles Zen in a group hug* WE DID!

Jackson: *pulls Zen to him* you've been gone for so long!

Zen: it was only a few weeks.

Jackson: I don't care. You're not leaving. EVER.

Zen: er...okay?

Jack: *hand cuffs Zen's wrist to the fridge* there,now you'll never get away.

Hic: let's go celebrate Zen's return!

Everyone else except Zen: YEAH!!!*goes to the living room and parties*.

Zen: ...guys?*sighs* at least I got food.(^~^)

Hiro: *comes in* uh,Zen?

Zen: *looks up from eating a chocolate bar* uhm...you didn't see anything.

Hiro: okay...*walks away awkwardly*.

Lia: *bumps into Hiro* er,sorry.

Hiro: no,no, Its fine.*smiles*.

Lia: *smiles back* I missed ya.

Hiro: me too.

Zen: *smirks* HiLia!

Hiro,Lia: *blushes*.

#Living room

Jackson: dad! Put your hoodie back on!

Jack: no way! Your mother loves it!

Jackson: ...you're fat!

Jack: -_-'

Mer: *cracks up* just what any other father wants to hear from their son.XD

Athena: break it down yo!

Tadashi: *tries to break dance for Athena. Fails* someone help me untagle myself!

Abby: bruh! That was epic!

Summer: *posts the vid of Tadashi breakdancing* hah! Its a million views already!

Kate: Tadashi's breakdown, Nice title.

Zen: hey,I'm here!

Punzie: *looks at Zen awkwardly* and you brought the fridge with you...O_O

Zen: its my not portable heavy food stocker. Fridge for short.XD

Lucas: cool! I want a fridge too!

Mer: no,Lucas. Just,no.

Zen: well, let's end it here! Ask and-*gets cut off by Jackson kissing her*.

Jackson: dare away. Bye!

Alright,before anything else...who missed me? To be honest I missed everyone of you guys! All your comments are so touching and it just makes me feel loved! I love you all so much!

Forget all the issues about the previous past chapter,we all misunderstood each other,so its fine.

Aaehh! So glad I get to go back in this world called 'my imagination!'. Things have been going stressful a lot.(mostly school) but I got the courage to make a chapter! Yay!

I'll publish a chapter soon,so don't worry! This is Zen,temporarily signing off. Bye a fabflakes!

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