Quick Weird Note

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Hi! Just wanted to say,Hi!...Hi! Lol,okay.XD so what's up? I know you peeps are waiting for a chappy and you will receive one soon. Trust me,putting all the dares I'm receiving all together in one chapter is hard,I don't know how to make it funny and enjoyable.

Also,I've just noticed this. 18.8k reads! Guys,bros,peeps,I LUV U ALL!!! This is not just my book anymore cause without you all there wouldn't be one! 833 votes? Wow! And...since i can't update my first a&d book,I'll do it here,THANKS FOR 164k reads! Can you believe how far we got? 4.19k votes too! Dayum,you all are not just readers, but the greatest coauthors/friends/metaphorical sisters EVER!

Haha,oh yeah. And I've noticed that in my first book,some of you guys are saying that I look familiar from the chapter SLEEPOVER MADNESS? Like,who?! I'm curious,seriously. Is there someone that looks like me or do I look like someone else? cause,that would be so cool tbh.XD

Oh well,that's all I have to say,thanks for taking your time to read this weird note. See ya in the next chapter!

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