Fanfiction stuff by Lia *bow*

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Pfft.. HI!! I hacked into this acc for no reason. Zen and Crystal, dont ask. Anywho, *clasps hands and is sitting in a couch and everything seems like a real life interview*, an idea suddenly popped into my mind. I'll be making some noise while Crystal is still thinking for an update. I saw a certain something in drafts earlier. But I prefer to stay silent about it.
(I didn't open it. 😄)

Anywho, I'll be making fanfictions about the couples here in this book and the good part... YOU ALL CAN REQUEST WHICH COUPLE! (And I'm giving a chance to Hilia shippers, I kinda miss Hamsoda tho.) XD

Anywho, I'll start with... JEN! Lemme get it started. Ciao! -Lia♡

P.S.: If you all are wondering what my acc is, Its @InfiniteRain11

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