Sassy Camping Vacation Week

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D#1: I dare Elsa to be the sass queen for a week.
D#1/2: I dare the big five to go on a camping trip. No electronics,no plumbing,just tents.
D#2/2: (only for le frostbutt) I dare Jack,while everyone else is swimming in the lake,to kissy kissy Elsa in their tent.
D#3: I dare the big 5 to leave the young 10 alone in the mansion for one week while the big 5 is on vacation in Paris.
D#4: Daring everyone to play Fnaf 4 at midnight. No lights,volume to the max and no screaming.

Zen: wow,there's still so much more dares I still gotta do...better get to it then!

Elsa: *tossing all of Jack's hoodies in a shredder* mwahahaha!

Jack: ELSA?! wat da fudge are you doing?!

Elsa: what does it look like?*smirks*.

Jack: oh,I don't know. You shredding my hoodies!

Elsa: I'm simply 'washing' them.

Jack: don't you know those cost money?! Its not like money grow on trees!

Elsa: pfft,course it does, Its paper.*puts sunglasses on*.

AthenAbby: OHHHH!!! Burn! Burn! Burn!

Summer: *splashes Jack with ice cold water* there's some ice for that burn,frostbutt. hahahaha!

Kate: all hail the sass queen!

Elsa: *bows* thank you,thank you.

Zen: She's gonna slay everyone who dares mess with her!

Lia: yup,now to the second dare!*throws the big five into a tent then teleports them to a forest* let's see if they can get out of this one.


Punzie: ooh! There's a lake,let's go swimming!*pulls Mericcup with her*.

Jelsa: *is now alone in the tent*...

Jack: *kisses Elsa's nose* hey,snowflake.

Elsa: *giggles* yes,frosty?

Jack: *starts to pepper Elsa with kisses on her face* I. Love. You. Elsie.*says between kisses*.

Elsa: hahaha,Jack-no,it tickles!*giggles uncontrollably*.


Zen: okay,Jackson. You're the eldest out of everyone of you,so please,DON'T BURN THE MANSION!

Lia: or freeze it!

Abby: or flood it!

Athena: or else!

Snowflake: we'll be fine,Aunties.

Ellie: yup,no need to worry.

Henry: If anything happens,we'll call you.

Summer: ...okay,we trust you.*looks at Jackson* but not you.

Jackson: -_-'

Zen: come on,let's join the big five in Paris.


Hic: *asking a waiter in a restaurant* excuse me,but do you have a bathroom?

Waiter: wee.(is that right? Sorry,don't know French.)

Hic: uh yeah,I gotta wee.

Waiter: wee.

Hic: Yes! Okay,I need to answer the call of nature!

Waiter: ...well news flash turd! Mother nature just called,and she just hung up on you!

Hic: what the hell?! Never mind.*leaves*.

Summer: *pops out and gives the waiter 20 bucks* well done.

Waiter: my pleasure,madam Summer.

#Mansion (one week later)

Zen: *looks at the mansion then sighs in relief* they didn't destroy it.

Lia: thank frost-*opens door to be washed away by water* woah!

Hiro: *helps Lia up* you okay?

Lia: yeah yeah,just wet.


Zen: I am very disappointed in you,Jackson.

Jackson: but it wasn't me! They did it! I'm serious!

Athena: don't blame it on your sisters and cousins.

Jackson: but-

Zen: no more buts mister except yours in your room.

Jackson: *groans* fine.*goes to his room*.

Young 9: *secretly high five each other* good word team.

#A dark room

Lia: I've seen a lot of gamers play this game,and it isn't really that scary.

Zen: oh,okay.

-5 minutes later

Everyone except Zen: *screams at the screen that has chika on it* AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Zen: I'm immune to this game-AAAAHHHHH!!!*screams at the screen that has blood* I hate this game!*throws laptop out the window*.

Everyone else: *looks at Zen weirdly*...

Zen: what? it could've killed me! Anyways,bye!

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