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A COUPLE of couples!

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Jackson: *says in a sing-song tone* we have zaaaaares!(Yes, he meant to say zares)

Zen: *clears throat* and...questions! Let's do them first!

Lia: but first, let me-

Abby: take a Selfie!

Lia: yeah! And welcome Mia and her Hiro!

Mia: hey hey hey!

MHiro: hello!

Mia: alright!*sits on an office chair wearing hipster glasses and has her Hiro on her lap like a cat* now, answer this question.

MHiro: *pretends to be a cat* meow?

Mia: *mentally face palms* okay, so the question is, what is the best thing you and your-(I'll just refer to the couples as lovers) lover did?

MHiro: and also the worst or embarrassing thing you've done.

Mia: shush, Hiro! You're a cat.-_-

MHiro: *groans* meow meow.-_-

Zen: well, let Jelsa, Kristanna, Eugenzel and Mericcup answer that first.

Elsa: I'll answer for me and Jack. And I'm gonna say the best thing we ever did was...fall in love with each other.

Athena,Kate,Summer,Abby: awee....

Jack: and for the worst. Having kids.

Mia: *looks at Jack like he's crazy* seriously?

Elsa: *smacks Jack in the head* really?! So making love with me meant nothing to you?!

Jack: no, that was great. Having the kids was just such a pain in my butt.

Snowflake: your Frostbutt.

Ellie: *face palms* really, dad?

Jackson: *places hand dramatically to his chest* ugh, I don't believe you!

Elsa: go back to your room, girls.

Snowflake,Ellie: okay, mom.*leaves*.

Kristoff: best thing was the time me and Anna went snowboarding in the mountains.

Anna: worst thing...when we fell into that frozen lake.*shivers* so, so, cold.

Eugene: I'm gonna say the best thing was going to that duckling convention.

Punzie: *squeals* I agree! Best. Day. Ever! All the ducklings were named Waddles! They were so cuuuuute!!!

Mia: Mericcup?

Merida: hmm...the time we went to Berk and rode dragons.

Hic: worst was...*has a flashback*.


Merida: *riding on Stormfly* it was nice of Astrid to let me ride on her dragon.

Hic: *riding on Toothless* yeah, normally she doesn't like anyone riding Stormfly other than herself.

Mer: *smirks* yeah. Hey Hic, why don't you land and I'll catch us some fish.

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