Jen and Hilia Day! ft The extreme couples

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Lia: *grumbles* what the actual fudge, Mia?!

Mia: *laughs* oh come on, Lia! You know you want to!

Lia: no, I do not.

Mia: still, you're doing the dare/s!

MHiro: *starts recording with his vid cam* and...action!

Jack: I would never let you go.

Elsa: and I'll never stop believing.

Kristoff: if ever you're sad and broken I'll be by your side as your fixer upper to mend that heart of yours.

Anna: awe....*tears up*.

Mia: what about you, Anna?

Anna: *sniffs* I..I-can't right now!*sobs* I love you so much Kristofferson!

Kristoff: ...its Kristoff.

Anna: oh shush Karen!*sobs harder*.

Kristoff: -_-

Eugene: with you in my dreams, I'll always know when my life will begin.

Punzie: and I promise I'll be the light to guide you through rough times to reach your dream.

Mer: ...I only married for me own hand.

Hic: *gets emotional* I love you too!

MHiro: weird couple.

Co authors: we know.

Mia: Jen?

Jackson: I promise to love you like how Louis loves Harry and vise versa.

Zen: awe...well-*clears throat* all my life you stood by me, when no one else was eve behind me, all these lights they can't blind me, with your love, nobody can drag me down.

Everyone else: *claps and cheers loudly* Jen! Jen! Jen!

Abby: now for our favorite troubled couple!

Lia: no.

Hiro: *shrugs unsurely*.

Athena: oh come on!

Summer: you two are such KJs!

Lia: we-I mean,I'm not a kill joy!

Kate: no, you're not.

Zen: you're a kinder joy.

Lia: -_-

MHiro: let's just move on, we all know she's a stubburn little lass.

Summer: *sees dare card* oh...guess she won't like the other dare.

Lia: don't tell me it involves kissing him.*points to Hiro*.

Kate: actually it does.

Abby: for 10 minutes.

Lia: why do people like to torture me? What have I done to deserve this?!

Hilia shippers: You broke up with Hiro!

Lia: wha? No! It was Zen!

Zen: *stays calm* well you dared it.

Lia: you still did it!

Zen: because you would've gotten mad at me if I didn't. Why? You regretting your dare?

Lia: pfft, no! I just don't want the blame on me!

Mia: can you guys just please do the dare?

Lia: no! Never!

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