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Lucas: *screen shots dares*.

Summer: hey Lucas,where are the dares?

Lucas: I'm still getting them,I'll give it to you guys in 5 minutes.

Summer: alright.*leaves*.

-4 minutes later

Lucas: *sighs* finally got the dares sorted out.*accidentally presses delete* oh No! No! No!

Tablet: Deleting successful.

Lucas: ⊙︿⊙...

Kate: *shouts from living room* Lucas! Where are the dares?!

Lucas: *panics* right there!*starts to screen shot dares again and rambles it all up* er...whatever!*goes to the living room* here they are..he,he,he.

Athena: finally.

Abby: what took so long?

Summer: you finished sorting out the dares,right?

Lucas: y..yeah.

(I'm gonna mash up the dares into 1 okay,so get ready for a lot of weirdness. ^_^)

Zen: *takes a dare card and reads it*...

I dare everyone to turn into sassy animals for a whole day.

Hiro: sassy. Animals?

Punzie: ooh,let's do it!

Mer: where are we gonna find a potion to turn us into animals?

Hic: and to be sassy?

Jack: I think we can all learn a few sass from our sass queen.*looks at Elsa*.

Elsa: *smacks Jack* hey!

Jack: ow! I meant Zen!

Zen: what?!

Elsa: then why'd ya look at me?!

Jack: *shrugs*.

Zelsa: *smirks at each other and freezes Jack's butt*.

Jack: hey! now I have frostbite on my butt!

Mer: you mean...

Mer,Punz,AthenAbby: Frostbutt.*cracks up*.

Summer: ha!

Kate: serves you right frost!

Zen: alright,so about that dare.*changes all of them into animals...dogs*.

Hiro: why dogs?*looks at his furry tail*.

Zen: cause I like it. Why? Wanna be a chipmunk?

Hiro: I'm allergic to peanuts.-_-

Summer: I feel ya,bruh.

Zen: no offense to you,Summer. I'm just doing the sassy part of this dare. To Hiro.

Hiro: how come your doing it to me?!

Zen: cause I don't like you.

Jack: how do people become,sassy?

Hic: *shrugs* its normal for girls.

Elsa: one does not simply,sass.

Summer: they must first.

Kate: think of sass.

Abby: then,feel the sass.

Athena: and lastly,be the sass.

Hic: ...still don't get it?

Hiro: AH! Too much sass! Too much sass!

Kate: ...just watch Zen sass the lifevoutvof Hiro.

Zen: *gets all up on Hiro's face* wanna see sass,bruh?! Well I'll tell you some real sass! Sass sass sassity sass sass-!


Everyone else: *looks at Hic weirdly*.

Hic: *chasing his tail* ruff! Ruff!

Jack: *howls* Aooooh!!!!

Elsa: *slaps Jac with her tail* Frosty! Shut up!

Athena: hey Abby.

Abby: yeah?

Athena: we're on fire. Like literally!

Abby: we're fire dogs!

Kate: burn a house!

Summer: *grabs a hose with her mouth* ind ire pit it ut!(and I'll put it out!)

AthenAbbySummerKate: we're gonna burn a house! Bye!*sprints out*.

Zen: they better hurry,the spell lasts for about 2 more minutes.

-2 minutes later

Athena,Abby: *runs around creating fire with their tails* Aooh!!!

Kate: *taking pics of the burning houses and posting it on Instagram* hahaha! #HousesBurnedByHounds. Aeeeh! 1 million likes already!

Athena,Abby: *change back to normal* uh oh.

Lady: hey,you aren't dogs!

Kid: get them!

Summer: run!

*after a lot of running,AthenAbbySummerKate get back in the mansion*

Zen: so,how'd it go?

AthenAbbySummerKate: great!

Hiro: psst,Zen.

Zen: *grunts* what now?!

Hiro: wanna go out with me?*smiles seductively*.

Zen: -_-' ergh! Why did you have to break up with Lia!

Hiro: it was her fault!

Zen: then why do you have to act like...that?!

Hiro: cause I've forgotten how to love ever since...*sighs* ever since she dumped me.

Zen: *holds Hiro's shoulder* I'm sorry.*changes back to herself*.

Athena: *smiles* she's front.

Abby: *pushes Jackson to Zen* good luck,bud.

Jackson: *falls infront of Zen* ow! Was it really necessary to push me?

Abby: *shrugs*.

Zen: *helps Jackson up* I missed ya,bruh.

Jackson: make that both of us.*kisses Zen*.

Zen: *kisses back*.

Summer: their back!

Aira: *pops out of nowhere* Jackzen/Jen/Jazen! Whatever! Their back!

Ani: *takes a pic secretly and posts it in Instagram* #JackzenIsFrontAgain!

TB5: *cheers* Yay!

Whoo! Jackzen is back! I missed them. So yeah, also if some of you guys don't know yet,I have an Instagram account called jelsalover30. I already posted crazy stuff or whatever edits I did.XD so please check it out,follow me and I'll follow back. Bye!

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