A little bit of craziness.XD

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Zen: *comes in*.

Athena: *sees Zen and gestures to the others*.

Summer: *looks where Athena is pointing..o-oh.

Kate: hey,Zen.

Zen: *sits down on the couch*...hey.

Abby: *nudges Lia* do something.

Lia: *ignores Abby and stands up* I'm gonna go hang out with my friends.

Hiro: *mumbles* probably to talk about her crush...

Lia: *rolls eyes* whatever.*leaves*.

Zen: *sighs* what ever happened to me?

Elsa: cheer up.

Mer: we're here for ya lass,you know that.

Hic: so if there's anything bothering you,you can trust us.

AthenAbby: turd is right.

Jack: *nudges Jackson* hey son,why don't you bring a little fun into your fabflake.

Jackson: *smiles* great idea dad.

Hiro: *feels a tap on his shoulder* huh?

Jackson: *whispers something into Hiro's ear*.

Hiro: ...*looks at Jackson* alright.

Zen: *stands up but then gets pulled back* woah!

Jackson: *grabs Zen in his arms* hi.

Zen: uh,hi?

Summer: *whispers to the others* what is he doing?

Others: *shrugs*.

Hiro: *comes out of the closet wearing Zen's clothes and a wig* I kinda regret doing this.

Zen: okay...? O_O

Everyone else: *gets the plan whispered by Jackson to them and plays along*...hi Zen!

Hiro: *girly voice* hi peeps!

Zen: I don't sound like that..or do I?*gets pulled by Kate and Abby to the couch* what is going on?

Jack: just relax and enjoy this little play.

Jackson: *clears throat* Zenith,oh Zenith,where forth thou are thee?

Hiro: *dramatically puts his hand on his forehead* I am here my charming prince.

Everyone else except Zen: *trying not to laugh*.

Zen: er...this is awkward.

Jackson: *carries Hiro bridal style* will thou have the honor of marrying thee?

Hiro: thou shall!*hugs Jackson*.

(Bwahahahaha!XD I'm sorry! I can't help it! This is the only thing making me happy to not think about going into depression.)

-few minutes later

Zen: oh frost. ⊙_⊙

Others: *loosing their breath out of laughter*.XD

*Hiro and Jackson are now dressed for a wedding*

Olaf: *dressed as a priest* will you,Jackson Arendelle Overland Frost,take E-

Zen: Olaf,don't.

Olaf: ...take Zen Winters,to be your snowmanly wedded wife?

Jackson: duh.

Elsa: what a great wedding this is.XD

Hic: water! I. Can't. Hahaha. Breath! XD

Olaf: and do you,Zen Winters,take Jackson Arendelle Overland Frost,to be your snowmanly wedded husband?

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