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Oh baby, I think I wanna marry you!

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Zen: *lazily yawns and takes a look at the dare card* mhmm...yep, I'mma do this.*dials co authors* sup sistas! Well, I got a dare and I need you girls to help me...plan my wedding.


Lia: *checking list on her clip board* alright people, move it! Wedding starts in 5 minutes!

Athena: yo Abbs! catch this streamer on the other side!*throws pink streamer*.

Abby: *catches it and hangs it on a tree* done!

Kate: Jackson's coming!

Summer: everyone, places!

Jackson: *goes outside and sees a wedding ceremony* what the fudge is going on?

Olaf: *skips down the aisle of a blue carpet and tosses sprinkles on the floor* yippee!

Lia: *snaps fingers* music!

Punzie: *presses a button*.

*Sugar by Maroon 5 play in the background*

Zen: *struts down the aisle* Sugar! Yes please!

Jackson: *scoffs* excuse me?

Zen: *makes it to the end and greets priest* yo.

Lily(aka Lilybrowne12): *dressed up as priest* sup, Z!

Lia: cut music!

Punzie: uh...*frantically searches for off button* whi-

Anna: *cuts off wires* phew, there.

Punzie: ...that's one way.

Jackson: somebody please tell me what's going on?!

Zen: I'm getting married.*says in a duh tone*.

Jackson: the fudge?! To who?!

Zen: Nathan.

Lily: *clears throat* ...you may now kiss.

Zen: Yay!*opens jar of Nutella and eats chocolate with a spoon*.

Jackson: ...you sent me a text saying "we breakin' up, I'mma find me a new bae" to just marry a jar of Nutella? Who does that?!

Zen: obviously me.

Jackson: Zeeen!!!

Zen: uh oh! Come on Nathaniel!*takes Nutella with her and enters a portal she made up* adiós suckers!

Lia: wait for us!

Lily: I'm coming with!

Jackson: not without me!*enters portal before it closes*.

Athena: welp, we're in charge again, girls.

Abby: yup!*hands guests(TB8 and kids) chocolate ice cream*.

Summer: *swimming in a pool of chocolate with her pandas* this is the life.

Kate: *plays Wildest Dreams by TS* let's partey everybodey!

#Minecraft World

Zen: *gets on a pig* hya! Ride on, Piggy!

*pig oinks*

Zen: *puts glasses with a picture of carrots on the pig's eyes* that should do i-iiiiit!!!*is zooming around holding on to the pig and Nutella* yeehaw!

Jackson: *gets on a pig* come on, Piggy! Move!

Lia: *sitting on a diamond block tower with Lily* watch this.*sends electric shock to the pig*.

*Jackson's pig squeals before running off*

Jackson: Oh my fudge! Coooool!!!

Zen: *gasps* No! He can't get us, Nate!

Jackson: *gets toppled off by pig and sends him flying* aahhhh!!!

Zen: wha-huh?*gets tackled down by Jackson* fudging damn it.

Jackson: haha, gotcha!

Zen: where's my Niall?

Jackson: ...don't know if you're looking for the real Niall or Nutella.

Zen: chocolate.

Jackson: oh...probably still on the pig?*nervous laughter* hehehe?

Zen:  *watches her jar of Nutella run off on the back of a pig* fudging pink buttfreak! Come back here with mah bae!

Lily: she just gave Nutella five nicknames.

Lia: yep, she has nicknames for everything. Want some?*offers gummy bears*.

Lily: absolutely!*takes some*.

Zen: get off me, Jackson.

Jackson: not a chance.

Zen: its chonce.

Jackson: whatever.

Zen: hey readers, since this is an ASK and dare book, why not Ask some questions?

Jackson: include dares too! We love doing them!

Zen: yeah, until then, ASK-

Jackson: and DARE-

Lia,Lily: AWAY!

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