Birthday Bash!

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Zen: peeps! Peeps! We gotta hurry!*hanging bunny streamers on the ceiling*.

Punzie: the cake is nearly done,Zen!

Elsa: the living room is all set!

Hic: we've gotten surprise A ready.

Zen: what about B?

Jack: *flies in* the other girls are handling that.


Summer: oh my grosh! Lia will love this!

Kate: I hope they can remember the steps.

Abby: of course they can,let's hope they don't eat the cake.

Olaf: cake?!

Athena: Olaf?! No,there's no cake.

Olaf: *frowns* awe...

Athena: maybe later.

Olaf: *squeals* yay!

#WithHiLia(the city)

Lia: so uh,how're things going for you?

Hiro: m-me? Eh,fine.

-awkward silence

Lia: hey,when do we go back to the mansion?

Hiro: er...*hears a 'now!' in the earpiece he has* right now! Follow me.

Lia: *curiously follows* okay?


Lia: why the park?

Hiro: *gives Lia a card* read this,I have to go umh, do stuff. Just follow what it says,okay?

Lia: sure.

Hiro: great!*runs off*.

Lia: oh well.*shrugs and opens card*

hey Lia! I hope you enjoy this little thing me and the gang put together for you,I know you can answer riddles,so that's exactly what you're gonna do! Have fun!~Zen.

Riddle 1: Go to the place that has lots of sweets,there you will receive your very first treat.

Lia: sweets huh?*smiles* arcade time!

#Sugar Rush game

Vanellope: Hey Princess Lia!

Lia: hi President Vanellope! According to the card I read earlier,my first stop is here?

Vanellope: yup!*gives card and a big gummy bear* good luck!*glitches away*.

Lia: *takes bite off the gummy bear and reads card*

I knew you'd find out,its so obvious actually.XD now...

Riddle 2: time to get ready,you don't have much time,pick up your gown with your own fashion design.

Lia: don't have much time? Time..? Oh!

#Clock tower

Lia: she's making this really hard for me now.*searches around and spots something glittery* oh wow...*starts to wear a pink gown that flows in the ends,with matching gloves and light up bunny ears* I love it!*twirls around then sees a card*

You're almost there Lilibeth,just one more riddle!

Riddle 3: you're finally ready to see your surprise,now twirl counter clockwise into the moonlight.

Lia: uh,okay.*closes eyes and twirls in the moonlight*.


Lia: *gets transported inside* woah! That was cool!*turns around and gasps with a wide smile*.

Everyone else: *wearing pink and white clothes with bunny ears* HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIA!!!

Lia: guys! You did all of this,for me?

Mer: of course we did lass,they even got me to wear pink.

Hic: you're cute.

Mer: shut up.

Zen: to start this celebration, may I call in the bunny brigade!

*6 bunnies come out dancing ballet in tutus and bows*

Lia: oh my fudge! So kawaiiiii!

Punzie: don't forget the cake!*brings in a chocolate covered carrot cake with pink frosting*.

Lia: awesome!

Hiro: last but not least,my present.

Lia: woah,you got me a present?*slyly smirks*.

Hiro: oh yes I did,here he is!

Lia: wait,he?!

Joshua: *comes in wearing a tux and hands Lia a bouquet of Lilies* hi Rain.

Zen: *squeals* the feels!

Lia: *blushes* seriously?

Joshua: *pokes Lia's cheek* smile cutie.

Zen: well,do you like it?

Lia: like it? LIKE IT?! are you kidding? No! Of course not! Cause I LOVE IT! Thank you!

Everyone else: you're welcome!

Elsa: make a wish Lia.

Lia: okay...*makes wish and blows out the candles* now,icing fight!*throws icing at Joshua* haha!

Joshua: dang!*licks face* sweet!

Jackson: oh no!*gets icing on his face* fudge!*laughs*.

Hiro: *is smothered in icing* mmm...its yummy!

Zen: *puts icing on Lia's nose* happy birthday metaphorical sister.

Lia: *does same to Zen* thanks Zenith.

First off,HAPPY FANTABULOUS BIRTHDAY LIA! I hope you enjoyed this chapter dedicated to you. You've been a great friend/sister! I love you!~Zen

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