Forest and Fear

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Lucas: Dare!!!

Lia: *covers ears* Zen,what ever happened to DATS?

Zen: I'm still upgrading him. For now,we have to bear with Lucas.

Abby: ugh! He's shouting every time he speaks!

Lucas: hello?! I said dare!

Tadashi: Athena,can I please leave? This kid is unbearable!

Athena: no,we are gonna get through this together...Zen! Please shut him down!

Zen: okay,let me try.*goes to Lucas and sees the problem* oh...*pushes a button on Lucas' back*.

Lucas: ...hey?...oh cool!-I mean,cool.

Summer: he was on full volume the whole time.

Rain(RainiesseFrost725): *pops out* Hi guys!

Lia: Rain!

Rain: Lia!

Zen: now that Lucas is fixed,let's do the dare.

Kate: so Lucas,what's the dare?

Lucas: *gives dare card*.

I dare TB5 to go camping in a really spooky forest for 1 month and the others to have an awesome party,when TB5 come back all of them pretend to be killed by Zen.

Zen: ...k..k-killed?

Lucas: oh yeah,you also have a question Zen.

Do you really have Hemophobia? If you do,don't do my dare where you kill them.

Zen: to answer your question,yes. I do have Hemophobia... But I shall do the dare. Cause I never back down from a dare...*whimpers* I hope I don't regret this.

#Spooky Forest

Elsa: Jack,why'd you put out the fire?!

Jack: the wolves and bears might spot us.

Mer: well,the fire was the only thing keeping us warm!

Punzie: plus,it was the only thing that could have prevented us from being attacked!

Hic: ...we're doomed!


Girls: everybody say hey!

Boys: Hey!

Girls: Oh!

Boys: Oh!

Ani(animcginnis): *pops out* Potato!

Others: ...POTATO!!!ヽ(^。^)丿

-after 1 horrifying month for TB5 and awesome for the others later.

Lia: okay Zen,you can do this.

Rain: just...pretend to be psychotic.

Athena: their coming!

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