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Everything To Me by httydobsessed13
Everything To Meby JJ
MODERN AU: Henry (Hiccup) is a single dad with his daughter, Hailey. He works two jobs to keep a good living for them. Hailey's mom, Camille ( Camicazi from the books)...
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The Lost Queen(Hiccelsa) by QueenElsa_ofsnow02
The Lost Queen(Hiccelsa)by FT_HP_BIG5_02
COMPLETED Elsa and Anna lived happily at Arrandelle. One day, they were invited at Corona for their cousin, Rapunzel's wedding. Unfortunately, they never made into Coron...
  • httyd2
  • hiccelsa
  • fanfiction
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The blind Viking HTTYD runaway fan fic  by httyd112
The blind Viking HTTYD runaway fan...by HTTYD112
What if Hiccup was blind as well as a disgrace to the haddock name? Everyone thinks he can't see but he has other ways that help him see. He's not supposed to leave th...
  • hiccup
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  • snotlout
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Hiccup x Reader Modern by TBSA_Books
Hiccup x Reader Modernby TBSA :)
A fight between Disney and DreamWorks. What happens if the two schools collide together, new friends, new lovers, more heart breaks, more drama. Find out more by reading...
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The other Night Fury (reader x Hiccup) *UNDER CONSTRUCTION* by vibranium_assss
The other Night Fury (reader x Hic...by Thea
You have lived on Outcast Island ever since you were a baby. When you were 12 you had a traumatic experience and through that, you met the world's rarest dragon, a nigh...
  • night
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  • httyd
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Hiccup the USELESS by spiderwebbb
Hiccup the USELESSby Spiderwebbb
Hiccup hadn't shot that dragon down, he had never won the dragon training, he never lost a leg and he had never made a single friend. His father's disappointment led Sto...
  • grimborn
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Accident or Fate by nicole1857
Accident or Fateby Abokado🥑
Hiccstrid Modern AU ________________________________________________________________________ "Astrid do you remember me?" I asked "no" she answered s...
  • drama
  • berk
  • httyd
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Renegade  (a HTTYD runaway story) by Emoimerh
Renegade (a HTTYD runaway story)by Shadowstrike
Complete!!! Hiccup was always a nuisance to the vikings on Berk. He was viewed as a runt, a shame, and a screw up. That all changed when he became the top of dragon trai...
  • toothless
  • hiccup
  • bwilderbeast
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Hiccstrid: Don't Let Her Go by XxPinkSkyxX2
Hiccstrid: Don't Let Her Goby Queen Skyler
{Hiccstrid Modern AU} "Whatever, Asterella." Hiccup said and started standing up. Astrid huffed. "What's with you and giving me nicknames?!" She excl...
  • berk
  • modern
  • astrid
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Hiccup X half dragon reader | on hold| by nanabearz
Hiccup X half dragon reader | on h...by Night mares daydream
You are half dragon and half human . you were born from a loving family but they died when you where five. You had to keep your wings a secret but when you where foun...
  • dragon
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  • wattys2017
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How To Train My Heart (Hiccup X Reader) by xhay_hayx
How To Train My Heart (Hiccup X Re...by Hayley
A foreigner who has never had an actual home is saved by a handsome dragon tamer. When he takes her back to his village, her life is changed forever. (I Do NOT own the D...
  • lemon
  • hiccup
  • dragons
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Blue Reincarnation (HTTYD/PJO CROSSOVER) by musicandpiano
Blue Reincarnation (HTTYD/PJO CROS...by ingoma
HTTYD AND PJO/HoO CROSSOVER - I DON'T OWN NEITHER SERIES -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- After the Giant War, Percy Jackson had expected for life to finally be nor...
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We are leaving.... Together. by _Pure_Night_Fury
We are leaving.... Together.by ÅVĒÑGĒR FØR ŁĮFĒ
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third son of Stoick the Vast, chief of the Hooligan Tribe. Hiccup has been a disappointment since the day he was born, he is usually referr...
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The Truth (older Hiccup x reader SEQUEL TO BETWEEN TWO WORLDS) by disworks_productions
The Truth (older Hiccup x reader S...by d & s
SEQUEL OF BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (older Hiccup x reader) The war has stopped- kind of? The guy left 'Violet' with the Berkians, and they're just as confused as the girl. The...
  • dragons
  • belch
  • httyd2
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Between Two Worlds (Older Hiccup x reader) COMPLETED by disworks_productions
Between Two Worlds (Older Hiccup x...by d & s
this takes place after httyd2! You're an 18-year-old girl who is OBSESSED with reading books. One of your favourites is the 'How To Train Your Dragon' series. You've re...
  • hiccupxreader
  • howtotrainyourdragon2
  • httyd
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The Longest Wait [Hiccup X Reader] by Emily7love
The Longest Wait [Hiccup X Reader]by Emily7love
|Completed| A long time ago in Berk your parents sadly pass away. But leave it to one boy to try to make you smile. When a plan goes wrong will your relationship with Hi...
  • rtte
  • hiccupxreader
  • astrid
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Banished From Home {HTTYD FanFiction} by -flurt-
Banished From Home {HTTYD FanFicti...by -flurt-
When Hiccup is betrayed by Astrid. He is banished from Berk. And while live on Berk stays the same, there are a lot of changes in Hiccup's life. Until that one dreadful...
  • astrid
  • fanfic
  • snotlout
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Serendipity (Hiccup x reader) by TheBurningArrow
Serendipity (Hiccup x reader)by TheBurningArrow
On a rainy day it is normal for a lightning to strike and the thunder to follow it some seconds later. But what happened after the thunder is not what you anticipated.
  • how-to-train-your-dragon
  • dragons
  • httyd
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Home-Bound: The Beginnings (HTTYD) by MseriesJ143
Home-Bound: The Beginnings (HTTYD)by jii / mii / eah
UNDER CONSTRUCTION - for a long time, probably. Hiccup leaves Berk in an attempt to hide. On his journey, he finds another dragon rider, a new village, and the possible...
  • hiccupleavesberk
  • gobber
  • httyd
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Come To Your Senses (BNHA FANFICTION) by FlorenceEdurot
Come To Your Senses (BNHA FANFICTI...by Mischievous Apple LOL
Henri Hikari was falling. He was standing on the bridge overlooking the river. He was waiting for a friend of his when suddenly, someone shoved him towards the water. He...
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